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Attacked in Your Car? Self Defense Weapons and Tactics

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hard2hurt says:

Check out our sponsor for self defense training, knowledge and legal protection:

Chris Loew says:

Unless you drive a stick shift with extended shifter lolz (Tokyo Drift Mustang style)

Joel Dillon says:


Nash Routson says:

You should review the clinch pick knife by shivworld

Michael Sanchez says:

There is a Fox kerambit that opens when you pull it. You should ask them to be a sponsor. If someone tried me in the car they might get cut. Can't think of anything I would be carrying that would be worth the medical bills from getting sewed back together. I guess if they were particularly nonthreatening, I might choose not to hurt them. Maybe a quick eyepoke and a shove would be faster, if someone was reaching in the window. There are moves where you get the fingers and break them. Some people might leave if their fingers got broke. i know a guy that grabbed a dude by the trachea, when he had someone coming at him in his car. Looking him in the eye, and deciding whether to crush his throat, he could feel the guy give up. So he let him go, and drove away.

ByDemons BeDriven says:

Did you say you hate Jiu-Jitsu?

Daxis Perry says:

You should do a review of the ShivWorks Clinch Pick in this scenario! John Lovell has a video with the owner of ShivWorks and he does a lot from a position of 2 people in the vehicle fighting. Very interesting.

Combat Self Defense says:

Attach blades to the top of your window. While your attacker reaches through the window to attack you, roll the window up, slice off his arm. It's a classic disarm technique.

that_G_EvanP says:

Nice car Mike. It's exactly what I would expect a guy your size to drive πŸ˜‚

Jim Carroll says:

I can't believe I'm suggesting this, as it's mildly horrifying me. But here goes.
If you're willing to poke a knife into someone's lung, you might have a less lethal but strongly deterring option earlier on: once their arm comes through the window, there's a lot of meat on bones there. Knives are known to separate meat from bones. Bones missing muscle/tendon connections don't function very well. Yeah, that's already plenty graphic. Yikes. I'm gonna go look at cute cat pics now.

Edward Fortune says:

My first go to would always be the infamous eye gouge, with practice its easy to land and disables aggressors.

Josh Atwood says:

What if the bad guy has a gun or something?

21mx 21 says:

🀣🀣 i died when he said juicy booty

ConspiracyTheoris7 says:

I have a story to tell about being attacked in a car.

One night me and a smaller then me buddy went on a car trip, on a village road. We got high with the best weed there and someone made a prank on us by shooting in the air. We rolled out paranoid and few miles down the road, going through a village we encountered the prankster's friends, they swore at us for some reason. We then stopped there in the middle of the night, high to the bones and some lunatic showed on the lowered side windshield. He then spit on both of us and I kind of instinctively punched him with a backfist right on the kisser. As soon as I opened the door and stepped foot they started throwing bricks. So in those lines, a good brick defense for me was pulling an unorthodox boxing guard and taking all the damage while my buddy froze. After 4 bricks hitting me aimed in my head, I managed to order him to gtfo of the place. We went fast after that and I had a busted elbow, rib cage and shoulder, but the elbow still hurts 1.5 yrs late.

What's the best that should've been done in that case?

alex ansari says:

Again a great video. I have 6 concealed weapons in every vehicle of mine. I have them near the driver seat, the side console, the back seat, the trunk and in the engine area. I have one strapped in the bottom too. I have gone overboard, because I got jacked in the parking lot of my strip mall. I was going to the bank to make a deposit and here came a guy and stood near my car door as I used my key to open it. He open my car door and I thanked him as he did it with a smile. I was wearing my face mask and he wasn't so I didn't think that he is about to rob me. I asked him to step aside as I said that he pulled out a gun and asked me to get in the car and hand him the bank bag. I did and he still pointing the gun went and sat in a pick up truck and drove away. I got the scumbags tag, but the cops said that it was a stolen truck. SCREWED.. there is on insurance on cash money being transported by self to the bank. Now short of hiring a bodyguard I have assorted weapons in the car. I will come out of my car like a mad man and shot, or maybe not as I have a pretty rotten aim. I am going to hire a bodyguard soon.

seanthomasdowd says:

In the UK we are screwed, no guns, no pepper spray, no stun guns or batons, the only knife we can legally carry is a non locking folding knife with a blade of 3 inches or less, so we are stuck with a flashlight

Alvaro Navarro says:

craig douglas nuff said

Slick JUJU says:

Why both both, got full CQC

Mr. Volts says:

Some chucko gonna stick his arm in my car, he'll draw back a stump. Or just shoot'm in the face πŸ˜€

edi says:

One thing, I miss in most SD gun-fu talks is the noise of firing the gun. I've heard of people going deaf after a few shots in a car, or small room without hearing protection!
I don't think that you have the time to get your hearing protection on or carry a silenced 45… (which would be still sort of loud, but probably hearing safe…)

PattyMalarkey says:

Such a good episode. Watched it again.
β€œGet in my guard!!” Haha.

edi says:

Small knives excel at grappling scenarios. They might not be as intimidating, but they can be just as deadly… It makes me wonder why so little women's SD even talks about that option. Seriously, gun, pepper spray, stun-gun… it doesn't matter, once you're picked up, or on the ground with someone way out of your weight class on top of you, you can't use them…

prddd ac says:

Just witnessed road rage today. Guy was jelling in the middle of the road with a machete in his hand and the dude that cut him off was long goneπŸ˜‚

seekertwo1 says:

Great video! I like the knife idea in a vehicle fight. I keep one mounted on the seatbelt buckle where I can get to it easily and consistently. My favorite knife for this is the Mora….cheap, easy to grip, and can clip onto nearly anything.

The only thing I would slightly disagree with you on is moving out of the driver's seat. That's where you control your vehicle. If you can't drive it and can't get out on the driver's side, I think you have a point. The rest of the time, I would not relinquish the vehicle's controls to anyone. Driving away from (or through) the threat is always the best option.

Josh Cunningham says:

What about maneuvering any of that with your seatbelt on?

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