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Tom Lee says:

Reloading is a great hobby, and a good proactive stress reliever.

Jayson Barjarat says:

I believe Trump is simply a diversion, and a part of the media induced "pitting citizen against citizen"..which takes the focus off of the TRUE instigators. Now, as too the so called left-most of them are anti-gun, so their "desire for a war" is highly unlikely..and a loser before it starts. We the people are being "hoodwinked" into a self destruct mode of our selves. I HATE BOTH sides of the traitor isles, neither is pro-AMERICA, QUITE THE CONTRARY. When Trump spoke of the draining of the swamp-I remembered immediately where that terminology came from. In an interview several years ago, with Rockefeller and Rothschild, both stated: I quote: "The new system will not tolerate the too old, the impaired, the lazy, the unproductive, and society is full of such people who are nothing more than a swamp that will be drained". The swamp is we the people. When it comes to "concealed Carry permits" screw their permits, citizens DO NOT NEED the government's permission to defend themselves..obedience has been the loss of power within the populous over this rogue government and allowed for the rights of the people to be trampled, twisted, changed, ignored and criminalized. A permit to carry is just another tool for "Firearm ownership" identification, or the denial thereof of millions of peoples rights to defend themselves literally making it illegal and criminal for millions who do stand up to defend themselves-America's prison's are full of people who did nothing more than defend themselves. Carrying a weapon "illegally" was their only crime.

Angel Eyes says:

Where can I get a MEGA hat can't find one would be proud to wear it, I love America born and raised…❤

Mike Brown says:

We will lose Texas by 2024 for sure. The dems are going full speed ahead on moving in their new voter base in Texas to take over electoral college forever.

Man of the hour says:

6:16 lol good to know we have men like you.

Adolf Ortiz Kotez says:

hey nice job with that MGTOW shit Mister freemason. Now you have created a bunch of elliot rogers. Even 13 year olds. here is your successors First a guy who calls himself a mgtow monk. he is celebrating here women committing suicide. then you have even 13 year olds and this self prescribed MGTOW immortal law a slef prescribed fan of Elliot rogers the mass killer. nice Job with your satanist agenda. Why dont you do a video calling out that madness that you created.

John D says:

Nothing Yahoo reports in their news is real. It's all fake, made up , or so slanted to the Left none of it can be believed.

Mgtowski says:

Low IQ people = Violent people

camron figueroa says:

Rotfl!!!!!!6:33 Jhon that was a good one I have been watching you for 2-3 years keep it up buddy!

Herbert Broughton says:

I have a Trump 2020 hat I proudly wear… but, John, I could be your older, shorter, brother. I look like a badass 'cause I AM a badass. Molan Labe… let the bastards try.

Paul V says:

They're wanting him out so they don't go to jail and they can open the border back up for their pedo trafficking and drugs they sell, now we got power outages in Venz trying to blame it on us!

jakeworld says:

whats up with the abraham ford cosplay

Mitchell Davis says:

Really like your thinking process John. Been following probably a couple yrs. now I guess. You're on my top 10 list as is 4thD …………… Love it when I listen to people speaking from my point of view.

Gregg L. Van DeVeer says:

Hey leather neck, Do you remember back in BCT, and your DI ran your ass ragged, had you dropping and giving 50 at every turn, not to mention the rest of the PT routine? When was the last time that you ran a 5K track or practice your bayonet drills with a cane or a yard long 1" wooden dowel. We here America's first line of defense, the New Minute Men, need to covertly practice, exercise, get prepared for that day. Hitler, Mussolini, Lenin, Stalin, Castro, Chavez, etc. took the guns away immediately once they secured power. Learn to defend your families without a gun in case of an emergency, their lives, and yours, may depend upon it. Hoorah!


John the only way we can win at this point is too have a civil war to remove the natzi socialists in this country.They have taken over nearly everything so its do or die.FEMA just purchased 250,000 gallons of mercury cyanide ,you can imagine what they intend to do with that.

Gregg L. Van DeVeer says:

GREAT**** NOW YOU'VE DONE IT! If you ever have to use your weapon, for any reason, the DA and the state will use this video in court against you as prior intent to cause grievous bodily injury, attempted murder. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed your video, but, the Democratic Socialists are out to get us even if they have to lie, or invoke violence just to get their ways. Be careful and watch your back.

Jim Bennett says:

I'm alt right.,like you don't hate women,.but you don't like talking shit from femenist.,I don't hate pukes of another race,.but I'm not taking any shit either…

Garet Fen says:

Oklahoma here is gun friendly thank god. Check more into litecoin and bitcoin. Those 2 are real digital gold. Those 2 are NO ponzi scam. They will be needed.
The horse is out of the barn, and no getting these 2 back in!!

Bill Schmidt says:

Right John!! I am the proud owner of a Red– Make America great Again Hat in big White Letters. Anyway-37 years involvement in the Martial Arts. NEVER Too Late to start everyone.

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