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Funniest Martial Arts Self-Defense Techniques

There’s a lot of good stuff on YouTube about martial arts, there’s a lot of bad stuff on YouTube about martial arts, and then there’s the funny/weird stuff. This video compiles those funny…


JerryLiuFilms | 刘悦 | LiuTube says:

What are some funny techniques that we can add to this list?

Jerry Liu says:

My personal favorite is a tie between the first one (Paul Vunak’s “Bite
your way out of a rear naked choke”) and the last one (how to take down a
guy who grabs your butt). Which techniques made you crack up the most?

Larry Lang says:

Blood is red, my gloves are blue; I’ve used the seize testicle technique,
it works, it’s true!

Razear says:

The “donkey guard” is the most unrealistic and impractical thing ever.

wezwastaken says:

>yfw glover used donkey guard to great effect against a high level black
belt at metamoris.

revernance says:

This is hilarious! And your voice fits the style of the videos perfectly!
Do more! LOL
1:15 “if you’re giving a client a foot massage, and he doesn’t pay, this is
how you make em pay”

Carlito Owl says:

Certified Owl here. That donkey looks like he wants an owl to swoop down on
him! Also, for the last demonstration, the girl should just poop on the
person grabbing her butt. That way, she sickens the guy and also lightens
her own weight to make herself run faster in her escape. Whenever owls
prepare to hunt prey, we always clear out our bowels and release a white
stream of excrement. Yes. our poop is white. Humans and your disgusting
anatomies make your poop brown or black. So disgusting.

~Carlito Owl

revernance says:

0:35 Did he just say “now when he pulls away, he has very little meat
left”. LMAO XD Zombie self defense.

world traveler says:

bite FTW lol 

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