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FULL CLASS: Mastering Psychic Self-Defense – Robert Bruce

This entails a free class from Mastering Psychic Self-Defense with clairvoyant, mystic, and author Robert Bruce. Watch this complete course on July 10. • Sign up:

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Godlike Power,
E.A. Koetting


Craft_T Crafts says:

I just don't believe you can accidentally pick up a case of possession. It's not contagious like the flu.

Hibiki Kuze says:

Ah, there was a new video today, great work as always dear comrade

Neil Kemp says:

G’day Bruce. Your brilliant

clayton davies says:

"Creator and Creation are one and the same." "Everything Self creating by virtue of it's own essence".
"The Karmic Unity we call God."
"While it is called the Luciferian Temptation, there was no entity present as the source of the temptation. It was a silent temptation. 'All power over others is yours. Take it.' "
Source: David R. Hawkins Md. Ph.d. Various books.
If you want to send any spirits out of yourselves, I take them. I Promise. Just say to them,,, "Go into Clayton Ray Davies".
Come into me, please. Take possession of me. Day and night. As you wish.

Donnie Locklear says:

This is the most rediculous shit I have ever heard. Get a life Dipshits!

Doberman Arro says:


TheGreyWolf/Norseshaman369 says:

I really like this series very greatly explained 👍

clayton davies says:

God is in all of us,, you say.
If a Christian argues with you on this, just quote the New Testament verse where the Apostle Paul writes the verse,,,
"" In Him we live, move, and have our being".
If this particular Christian is smart, then this verse will shut them up.

Rois Mac Connmhaigh says:

He is so correct about the running water part. If my kids are fussy I give them baths or showers and they fuss more as I'm trying to put them in but once they are in and the water is running over them for a minute they calm down. Same with rain, too. If I feel overwhelmed I will get some shorts and a tank top on and stand or walk in the rain for a few minutes. It helps to calm the spirit and wash away negative attachments (in my experience).

Edit: forgot to add in that my husband has come across evil entities aka black eyed children. They would ask him for rides when he lived on a base when he was a Marine. There was a nearby bridge and he would go to drive over it and they would demand, beg, and plead him to stop so they could get out before he would drive over it.

Michelle Miller says:

I had something similar to this that happened to me (in the ending of the video) is there any way I can message you so I can talk to you about this I don't feel comfortable talking about it on here

Rois Mac Connmhaigh says:

I so enjoy this man's teachings. I work with mine and my husbands ancestral line and it such a rewarding practice, both physically and spiritually. Bloodline and DNA does interact with the Craft. I have had a curse that affects my maternal side for the females. This is something I have been working on for years, since I was a child at 5. Thank you for allowing this man to speak. I have learned so much.

Pamela Ridenour says:

Thank you MR. E.A. KOETTING this is so awesome. ☆☆☆

Jaefar SABNW says:

The key is self responsibility and awareness of indirect permission of the unseen beings to influence you and control your experience.
Reincarnation, connection to your ancestral dead, and passed on memories beyond influence on genetic possibilities can logically be shown to be the secondary spiritual conclusions of the savage philosopher.
The astral and other psychic connection may still connect to the demons through imprints of the dead in the physical realm.
God did not create demons, evil, or ignorance.
Angel is a relatively meaningless term.
Not everything worshiped is what is witnessed when the rituals are performed and there is a difference between psychic and spiritual realities.
Interpreting something as the case does not make an experience what it is presumed to be.
Black and white thinking is usually too difficult of a way to approach balance.
Negative and positive is not something to moralize with entities.
The mesolymbic and the mesocortical are not the Higher and Lower Self.
We need to be realistic that not everything worshiped can grant the terms of a covenant relationship.
The beings present can respond to what is going on, but the type of being which includes demons have choices.

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