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Freedom Fighter Friday #4 – Self Defense Stories

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Every Friday we learn lessons from self defensive situations from around the United States. – ferguson/63-493750910


Nathan Cooper says:

Nice job, thanks

Kevin M says:

Thanks Billy. As always, good stuff.

Dustin says:

Great shit as always Billy, keep it up, as a MA resident I have 10 round mags for my pistols, but thankfully I have "preban" standard capacity mags for my rifle.

Tim Sanders says:

Lol….. have you been hanging around James Yeager ? if so the f word rubbed off on you, LOL good video man.

Chance Carlton says:

This was one of your best and you have consistently good content. Thank you

Cesar Graves says:

As a Canadian viewer your words are speaking volumes Billy. Not disarmed before we do the wrong thing, words the Canadian government could use to hear when considering Canadian self defence law.Love the series, keep up the great content.

Ted Gramlich says:

Keep it up Billy!!

Oregon Outback says:

Luvin' me some more Freedom Fighter Friday's … !!!

California Rifleman says:

I know a guy who stopped for gas, realized he was being followed by four guys while he was walking back to his vehicle, and being 20 at the time didn't have a CCW, so he played it cool and walked normally, and right before they jumped him, he popped the trunk and whipped out an AK variant and drew down… in fucking Houston. He's alright and no shots were fired. My record for gangbanger shitheels causing me problems is three, but that was in Riverside CA. I live in a rather nice part of the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, and in the past three years there has been a break in next door two years ago, two armed men broke into my neighbors place 4 houses down which resulted in a police sweep of my neighborhood for a gunman on the loose three years ago, and some shit heads broke into my other neighbor's house just last year and pepper sprayed her dog, all incidents where multiple shitheads were spotted. For whatever it's worth both my friend and I learned the value of situational awareness and narrowly avoided shit going south by acting aggressively enough quickly enough, and I've learned the value of Deter, Delay, and Defend for my home, as believe that my home hasn't been broken into bc anyone casing it has decided to look elsewhere. People who say I don't need to own a gun, carry one, or own anything "high capacity" can kindly go hang for infringing not only upon my constitutional, but my human right to self defense. Love these videos Billy.

2Ajukie alive says:

It is a sad time in the us when defending yourself is veiwed as not only wrong but somehow signals a violant trait in someone. Liberals just do mot like people who stand up for themselves because to them that is just another person who will not put up with the way they operate in this world…by screwing people stepping on them and doing so with no regaurd or empathy.

bourne9728 says:

I love these stories!!

J.C. .Foutz says:

Right on Billy. Keep it up bro.

ScrewYouTwice says:

I look forward to these Friday videos. Well done.

Patrick Henry says:

Interesting we never hear of these stores on the national mainstream media.

jmvmike says:

If all of the women working with Matt Lauer were armed he would have behaved differently.

Matthew Graves says:

I don’t think I’ve ever heard billy cuss before but I like it!

Adam Totten says:


sman7290 says:

Group of 4…1 got shot. When they all get out of prison (next week if it's up to the libs) there will be groups of 3 mugging people.

Chad Norman says:

My boy Billy gets hype for these FFF's ! Love the energy talking about good Americans defending themselves against shit bags!

Greg Reeser says:

Nice set Billy

Just Someguy says:

I read that the guy who started shooting at the auto shop before being stopped by an armed employee was himself a former employee. Maybe there have been two would-be mass shooters stopped by armed employees at auto shops in the past few days, I dunno.

Just Someguy says:

If you're red-blooded fire pissing, contact your physician immediately. You may be suffering from some sort of urinary tract infection, or possibly something even more serious.

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