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Former Marine Snatches Tool From Robber

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D theman says:

USAF 10+years

Ray Cooper says:

69th Cobblestone Corps
Construction Repair Excavation Exploration Platoon- "Easy Regiment"

James McNeil says:

Once a Marine, always a a Marine!

FullBlownSkeptic says:

John the dude just threatened his life and may have another gun on him .. its finger on the trigger time dude are you kidding me lol

Sadino K says:

Air Force Security Forces, 2011-2017. Been watching this channel since I was active duty! Thanks John.

tdubble dog says:

USMC! I dont think that was the original plan but this dummy just gave him a wide open door

rick o,shay says:

this fool trying to rob a marine and outlaws M.C bartender..

Y O says:

Hooah! GA army guard 03-07

dave oneil says:

Thought you would have mentioned that the guy would have been better off using his left hand to dissarm

Daniel Gomez says:

I’m active duty AF

Andy Zimmerman says:

US Navy Senior Chief (ATCS) Ret 1979-2002

dave oneil says:

Are tiktok adverts destroying anyone elses life?

Luis Castillo says:

We need a "Former Marine Floridaman" video!

Go9ro3 10sai says:

Everyone is assuming a guy. It actually looks like a middle age, hefty female to me. Explains a lot.

Catching Dinosaurs says:

it upsets me he ran away without leaking blood everywhere. off to do it to someone else.

B -Rod says:

Why didn’t he shoot the bad guy let him go now he’ll do it somewhere else at least keep him for the cops

EpicGamer 3000 says:

95-02 in the navy. You should be almost ready to join the army now.

John Hernandez says:

I served as an odst…i came from the future.

Frank Operchuck says:

20 years USAF. Great lessons John.

raymundo marte says:

Wao john have you ever been awarded some kind of noble prize or something? You have achieved everything anyone could ever dream of. Congrats for such a successful and productive life! Hope your kids continue the legacy. Salute

Kenji Snow says:

United States Coast Guard 1980-2007. Thanks for the great channel John!

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