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Forgotten Bag With Gun Is Perfect Grab For Thief

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djhookisdaman says:

Thank God a kid didn't pick it up. That's where the candy be.🍬 🍫. He would lose his right to carry guns here in Philly.

Paul Is says:

You just made a huge point that needs to be addressed: Criminals get firearms from unlocked vehicles! That is why I have a huge issue with keeping a “truck gun” as so many people call it. When I’m out in public, the only gun I have is the one attached to my body. The only exception is going to/from the range.

SickOfItAlI93 says:

Free guns!! You are a completely irresponsible person and should NEVER even think about owning another firerarm. Always keep your firearm on your body ALWAYS! They say "strapped" for a reason.

CrazyPete says:

how the ** are people this careless… I hope this person doesn't have kids… if he does he probably left them on top of a gap pump or a self checkout counter…

John Webber says:

The person who left that bag behind should have their concealed carry license pulled. What if that guy who took the guns uses them in a home invasion and kills a family.
It appears that the gun owner didn't learn the fundamentals of gun safety course required for obtaining a CCW license.
As for gun carrying position… I usually carry my 9mm P365XL or my KHAR PM9 on my right side at the appendix position. However, I've recently changed my carry position to a right hand cross-draw. I did this so my gun is more accessible while I'm driving, and is easier to pull in a hurry when I'm out in public..

1962 impaula says:

My normal carry position is definitely not in my purse/ man bag! I don't even have one of those. WTF

William Read says:

He looks like a good guy maybe he will be a public defender now 😂

google user says:

Totally irresponsible gun owner and should be made to do 24 hours of firearms training to retain his gun rights! What if a kid took them or what if this guy ends up killing someone with the guns now!!!

Broom Bromden says:

We just aren’t responsible enough for the 2nd amendment;

Bill Mounce says:

As prior law enforcement officer, I trained all my life to draw from 3 to 4 o'clock. My EDC is normally OWB at 4 o'clock. I instinctively reach there. If I carry IWB, same place.

Sean Kennedy says:

I’m 9 o’clock owb (since I’m left handed) usually open carry and occasionally conceal carry

Alvin Mortimer says:

The owner should be charged if any crimes are committed with their weapons.
Just like people get citations for leaving a vehicle running unattended.

diligent sun says:

Ever notice how criminals ALWAYS look like criminals?

Jordon Leal says:

I know a dumb ass who has a 5 grand walrus grip 1911 and he leaves it in a tool box

Cheese Noodles says:

About 10 years ago a LEO that was part of Swat put his weapons bag on the ground to open his trunk, he got distracted…closed his trunk and drove away leaving his bag.

Billy Joebob says:

Took me years to get my brother to stop putting his gun in his bag…

Reb MCMG says:

upfront and center always !!…imagine my gun in a fanny pack lmao

OceansTaco says:

thats bullshit, then show the guy who "forgot" and just supplied the streets, we need to know who "fogot"…

Vincent Torrez says:

I think the owner should be charged with something here.

TheArtOfDean says:

I have a feeling the forgetful guy had his phone out at the time.

tatsy2009 says:

What a grimeball

Chris Dealny says:

That thief looks so happy.

Amazing Grace says:

its illegal here in philippine to body carry guns ,need to put in a bag

Jesper Ek says:

I think they ended up being owned by a better owner .. he didn't rob the store as the previous owner might have planed to do.. why else would he put the guns up there… probably got scared and left in a hurry

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