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Florida Mom Defends Against Home Invasion

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DJAra888 says:

In this video the lady's ASP was blurred!

yexela says:

Her asp is fully covered 🙁

MrAnarchris says:

you back into your parking spot, this way you run a thug over as they enter.

cfield89 says:

Its so ironic that urban defense ads for their trash holsters always show up before most of the ASP videos I watch 🤣

jjbing3 says:

Ok, I’m back from her Instagram. What happened now? 😬

Chicago Cannabis Connoisseur says:

What a keeper

Keanu Huerta says:

“she has an only fans” = “please watch my show”

Don Ho says:

No link to her " onlyfans?"


who? ? says:

Looks like she was showing off for the camera.


So I’m the only one who wants to know the only fans?

KevinSr Luebke says:

Who else had to Google OnlyFans to figure out what it was?

MattIsLoling says:

ill go check out her onlyfans to make sure we got all the facts on this story

Jack Skudlarek says:

If you point a gun at someone under 15 or shake down children it should be an automatic 1k community service hours and extra year in jail.

dazzerstar says:

Th moral of the story is dont flaunt your wealth on the internet becaause youll get targeted.

ml3712 says:

I think she did a fine job. Always room for improvement.

Aj Sm says:

Is the fans only link in the description?

Khalil Holmes says:

She got a PS4 she a man

The Matrix Weave says:

only fans=online prostitute

acie y Rauvest says:

Woow woow 😍💋 💝💖❤️

lili lili says:

so do the family gets the G WAGON?

gbullock2598 says:

And why she got a onlyfans if she married🤔

gbullock2598 says:

And she should have cut the light off in the room so they couldnt see her

Spanky Harland says:

get my gun and my thongs on……

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