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Florida Man Was Prepared To Handle The Situation

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M Royce Brunette says:

I did see this reported several months back. Forget where, but I think our local news showed the footage. I live in the Pacific Northwest, in a smaller town and usually watch Spokane news.

Durty May says:

This was excellent! It demonstrates the poor quality of L.E.O. we have here in these United States. A civilian is able to apprehend an armed robber WITHOUT discharging his weapon.

Jmoney 361 says:

Uno reverse card.! Lmaoe

Billy Golding says:

Should of planted one in his head

Rocky M says:

Antifa got owned…backpack was full of pokemon and tampons 🤣😂

Good Cattitues says:

This is the most satisfying crime related surveillance footage to watch ever. The bad guy was a total loser from the beginning, because readiness of firearm was in good hands to enforce instant justice.

sochinese says:

Uno reverse card, nice

S MJ says:

I’m a gun owner from California. I desperately want to leave communist California. Arizona sounds like a good place for gun owners. The problem with Arizona in my opinion, it’s covered by the 9th circuit court. So I’m looking for different options. Any suggestions?

TacticalCoffee says:

a good guy with a gun never makes the news….had the criminal stabbed and killed the clerk in a gun free zone it would have been all over the 5 oclock news.

Dane Massie says:

The things heroin will make you do, never amazes me

Brooks Hadlin says:

Dems would rather him be unarmed.


The "ROBBER" is a milquetoast, pusillanimous, pipsqueak of a pussy. Look at his "physique!" BAHAHAHAHAHA! A stiff breeze would send him flying a 1000 yards. Oh yes……he'll fair well behind bars! BAHAHAHAHAHA! Some of his fellow prisoners would love to violate his BONEY BEHIND! BAHAHAHAHAHA!
Note: According to the news reports, the clerk is an Off-Duty Brazilian Police Officer, working part time on his day off.

Ben Dover says:

unfortunately you will never hear this on the regular news outlets because it doesn't fit their narrative libtards libtards libtards are so against guns and self-defense the bottom line guns save lives that's just the facts 😭😭😭😭

RealestThinker says:

1:18 guy reconsidering life choices 😁😂

Hal Robinson says:

I live in TampaI don't remember seeing this on the news but I can at least verify by looking at the uniforms at that definitely is the Tampa Police department

Rick Nathaniel says:

A gas station katana? You can. It that shit at a gas station in America ?

deucedeuce22oz says:

Anyone know the gun model? Looks like a SIG to me. I thought the P365, but looks too big… but then looked online and saw that there are larger versions of the P365.

Andrew Larson says:

Great outcome here. Hope that dude realizes he’s pretty lucky

deucedeuce22oz says:

Is it me, or does the robber look like antifa?

I am ! says:

"OS, Didn't see that one coming!" Get use to this image dumbasp's!

razony says:

THIS is what happens when America gets armed…Stupid, desperate dumbasp's get taken DOWN.
Hey liberals. Blame the desperate drug addicts of America who pray on the hard working, innocent Americans who choose to protect themselves and put a STOP to the violence of criminals! Arm thyself America and put a QUICK STOP…NEXT!

GREG Torchia says:

A good guy with a gun / the bad guy with a knife/ who do you thinks gonna win?

anon ymous says:

Why didn't the robber just run away? You can't shoot a dude that's running from you

Jason S says:

Your right, it doesn't make the News because a good guy with a gun stopped a bad guy! Doesn't fit the narrative, good post John.

Pete Ortiz says:

Metro doesn't allow guns in there stores

stainless1981 says:

Uno reverse, lol – Haven't heard that in a million years.

Ethiopian Israel says:

Good job, what if the rober point gun on the clerk?

Alex P says:

The guy pulled the emergency switch – cops were notified promptly.

Rabbiturtacorn says:

Weird that stuff like this never makes it on the news…. It's like there is some kind of narrative that they want to push or something….

doovie101 says:

"Gas station katana". ROFL!!!

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