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Florida Man Pays For Playing Moral Police

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John Doe says:

I laugh at people who fight in groups and use weapons. When they are in hellfire and being tortured by fire and the angel of hell, it will be funnier. 🤣

Turbo Ls4 says:

Defender should’ve been carrying

ScrubbinLyfe says:

Using your vehicle to assist you in an assault should still be a vehicular charge as well as an assault charge. I hope the guy with the wrench gets more felony convictions, since we all know only felons act that way.

Furry Bear says:

John I disagree if more people had the balls to make a stand against these scum it would be better for everyone! I hope these bikers get brutalised in jail every day they are in there!

Steven Liberadzki says:

Just run them over. Why would you even get out. Your car is a tool to survival.

Regular Guy says:

Can we start blasting as they approach our window?

tnttim9 says:

I thought for sure that guy was murdered.

Al Capone says:

Ars work better with a gang

mike fritz says:

Start handing out 9mm slugs.

Jeff Williams says:

Lifestyle defined by a mode of transportation.

Barbara Garvin says:

uh-oh…he done pissed off the rice-grinder pilots! they're just so big and bad, with their little dicks and rice burning 'murdercycles'.

Torey Weaver says:

I fucking hate motorcyclists. 90% of them think they have a 10 ft long Dick and they always run in packs like this. I was surrounded on 285 in Atlanta once by a bunch of thugs on bikes because they thought I was driving too slow in the slow lane. Having watched this channel forever, I knew a defensive display of my weapon would either get me shot or get one of them shot. So I tried to diffuse the situation the best I could. However, it didn't stop me from calling the cops on those punks who decided they were going to pull their guns to show some force. Three of them got pinched for aggravated assault when they brandished their weapons in front of my dash cam in an attempt to threaten me 🖕

Nicholas Jongeneel says:

As soon as someone tries to open your car door. Boom boom.

not Jonathan says:

Deadly force multiplier is 190% justified in this situation

Robert Parrish says:

Try to hit a motorcycle with a 3,000 pound plus vehicle then you deserve a beating.

Pro Trump says:

I would have shot every one of those motor cycles , in the gas tank ….. let them walk home …

Kevin Weaver says:

If my man had a pistol, things would’ve been different. However, better to just keep it pushing, pick those battles because they could cost a lot.

Billy Ward says:

That guy on the red bike definitely pulled something out from his bike to use too

Jeff Williams says:

F bikers who behave this way.

brandnewty says:

It's too bad he didn't have a big truck.

TennesseeJim says:

Thanks for the reminder that Florida is a complete shithole. The bikers are really lucky the driver was not carrying.

Donold Clayton Porter says:

Be humble, mind your buisness and always pack heat. When the stupid starts avoid at all possible, if wrapped, a few taking the asphalt challenge would of been beneficial for possible escape.

TripMortCookie says:

I mean, Sure, the bikers are deffo in the wrong here, but man you gotta be crazy to confront and take on a whole gang of bikers, Honestly, Just keep quiet and go on with your day, Not worth getting involved

Lamecgod says:

The only lesson I learned is I have to eliminate everyone around me for my safety even the innocent watching I’ll eliminate for my safety cause their obviously just watching or making it worst by pulling on the one guy everyone hitting. Watch yourself. Cause I definitely am.

Derek Williams says:

man…. theres alot of idiots in this video…..

Mike P says:

Hitting people in the head with a weapon is aggravated assault and can be met with deadly force those cubanos could have been shot and killed and the guy who was getting beaten could have used deadly force if he believed he was in grave danger (like getting beaten by ten criminals)

SoonersBrownsfan says:

I thought the guy in the car was the problem, I believe he intentionally side swiped the motorcycle

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