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Father Gets His Child Out Of The Car During Florida Carjacking

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AWP4life says:

Why the fuck would you steal a very traceable car that you won't be able to sell??

Travis Jansma says:

Wreaks of insurance scam

Joe says:

When you have enough money to drive an SUV like that you feel invulnerable and lack situational awareness. He was lucky the situation ended up like it did.

Graham Song says:

Where, in America getting gas at 10:30pm is stupid. Sorry to hear about that guys. Sometimes don’t realise how good it is in Australia.

Vader Man says:

Lesson number 1. Never,never ,never put gas after hours unless is really a emergency only. Lesson number 2. Never take your kid after hours either. And FINALLY LESSON NUMBER 3. Take your weapon everywhere you go and always stay alert before you even come out of a vehicle.

Anonymous Lee says:

This is one of those instances where compliance made the most sense. Can't really get a gun in the fight before he can shoot, and the criminal was smart enough to stay too far away to safely disarm.

Mark D says:

Seriously looks like a KIA. Why would anyone pay a stupid price for such a car?

What The Fork Cooking Show says:

This happened in Atlanta not Miami.

Paul F says:

why would u jack a car then abandon it a few miles down the road? What was the point?

Joe Biden - IsARapistAndChildMolester says:

I was so shocked when I saw what color the criminal was. (this is the only way I could say it without YouTube deleting it)

mcjon77 says:

Another tip. Keep your tank at least half full. By doing that, you will go to gas stations more BUT you can fill up at your leisure, in the daytime, in nicer neighborhoods. I'll bet that the only reason he stopped his Bentley at 10:30pm in a sketchy neighborhood, while his child was in the car was because he was running low on gas. Had he had more then enough gas, he couldn't just said "Nope, I'll handle it tomorrow morning."

Datsamoutful says:

Don’t get yourself into a situation where you need to fuel up at night. Especially when you have kids.

Thang Knowa says:

Driver was an idiot for exposing His child, Himself, and the Bentley to the thug's world after dark without adequate protection and awareness. I avoid a lot of places that used to not concern me, but now criminals have the advantage with catch and release.

Codi Reason says:


rock o says:

Buy your gas at costco. there's always people and difficult to drive off.

Nelson Arroyo says:

If he carried he could of dropped him with a 3 sec draw. Sorry but he should of been caring

Sabrina Hernandez says:

Lil guy reaching back for his stuff haha thatd so be my son

mike fritz says:

99% of florida crimminals are worthy of deadly force..

Top Dawg 72 says:

Proof that not all rich people are smart. Buy a car like that but wont arm themselves and go to a closed gas station late at night

Kamas Nicholes says:

I can’t image what it would feel or look like to see your car driving down the road like that😂

DJAra888 says:

If the victim had been armed then he could have easily smoked the degenerate robber as he was about to drive away, methinks.

Jeffrey Carlson says:

Carry every day. When this shit happens, you have a fighting chance to defend yourself. Don't be a victim!

Life Is Good says:

Wish we could gather all these criminals up and gas em. says:

We used to hang horse rustlers we need to start hanging is hanging Car thieves. Just because the murderous criminal is no longer pointing a gun at the victim And the victim was unarmed unable to use lethal force at that time to protect himself and his child Shouldn't mean that upon capture and identification of the murderous criminal Society cannot swiftly hang Is or euthanize whatever method necessarily To avoid Babe releasing the murderous criminal back into society or society paying for that criminal living Expenses.

H C S says:

How does one mitigate these risks? I personally gas up during the day and go to Costco gas, which I find to be safer. Any other good ideas besides of course concealed carry? Thanks.

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