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Father and Son Shootout in Georgia

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Will Griffin says:

Just horrible. What the hell… The only thing worse than being shot by your son is shooting your own child.

Tommy Pritchard says:

Dad is the bad guy here

Urban Gypsy says:

In the olden days people just throw snow at each other in Christmas season.

Robert Metz says:

What a wonderful culture!


Hopefully that’s his stepson

CT Crow says:

Stupidest thing ever. Pulli6a gun on your own child. Let him walk.


Maaaan that’s disrespectful at its lowest,

Cuts-Ur-D!ck-off says:

Dad be trippen.

Tiki Tavi says:

This seems like a mental health issue as much as a gun handling issue.

Tyler Lowe says:

Dad chased him outside with a gun pointed at him. Dad is in the wrong. Call the cops and let them do their job. John is acting like the son was wrong. The son is clearly leaving and dad chased him pointing a gun at him. This is obvious self defense. John you just show these videos for the views. It’s sad you think you are teaching self protection. You even said the dad should of just dropped his own son smh. How about saying the dad should of locked his son outside and protected himself that way.

Glynn Cordry says:

"I brought you into this world…"

Greg says:

Thanksgiving might get awkward this year

Ilan Garcia says:

I cant imagine the pain and disappointment the dad must feel

por schelep says:

gangbanger son knows Dad has a cash stash in the house?

Anthony b says:

wanted to see even the cops arrived

I am Kharim says:

What about online games? That's where you shoot at each other…. not in real life 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

Frozenbizkit says:

So I'm guessing the son wont be there for Christmas dinner?

Devin Uzumaki says:

Why aggravated assault and not attempted murder?

Thatairplaneguy says:

That heathen needs to be in prison for attempted murder

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