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Father And Son Defend Their Shop

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viopsadmin says:

+2 to halberd lol

Ken Rivers says:

Bottom line these guys are idiots…all of them. The robbers and the victims. Nothing in that store is worth your life. They lucky they didnt get killed. Those guns must have been unloaded…

Randy Green says:

I like the father and son's attitude John..after they won possession of the firearms though, they should have just called the Police and not chased the bad guy's.

Michael Peila says:

He gets a +2 to halberd?!

Quick, roll a D-20 and see if he passes the encumbrance check!

Elix Tido says:

There are no bullets in Nepal. They use guns as clubs

Copycat Songs says:

Didn't you upload this video already?

Derka Deher says:

why does nobody ever shoot the gun when ever they get it!

Copycat Songs says:

The Father And Son And The Holy Ghost Defend Their Shop.

Will Y says:

These guys played Russian roulette, these guys were just thugs not murderers. Thank god

kevin webster says:

I'm sorry but the minute somebody approaches me with the gun, I'm throwing my hands up and begging for mercy.

Trey Mccoy says:

Why does it look like the guy on the ground is biting him as they stand up…

James Chanin says:

now watch the police charge the father ,son & there buddy for beating up the bad guys.

theotherwaldo says:

It looks to me like the would-be victims recognized that the guns were fakes.

Dale Fry says:

There were about 79 separate times the good guys could have been shot. I can only assume the guns were inoperative/unloaded or fake.

Tom Doe says:

Can I actually buy a gun in the US as a visitor? I have to go on a business trip to Austin and I just would feels safer if I have a tool.

John Smith says:

Come on fat man use your weight.

girlgeniusNYC says:

The "holdy-ony" part! I love it!

J Sherrier says:

Nepal's a Hindu country – no one wanted to kill anyone

Eric Smith says:

When the bad guy had the weapon down that was their opportunity right there but you cannot forget the second man that also has a weapon, I'll say it again nothing that you have of a material thing is worth your life I think these two guys in Nepal were quite lucky they did not get killed.

Eric Smith says:

Use your head don't stick your chest out at someone when they have their weapon out and you do not.

Eric Smith says:

Agreed…wait your turn!!!

2011whack says:

Silly defenders…lucky they not dead …

Eric Smith says:

I don't want to get in trouble with John but what he should have done when he got that gun is he should have shot the other armed guy, the man still had a gun he could have killed his son or the other innocent bystander I don't think that I would have hesitated I think I would have had to have used The Fire arm!!!

Eric Smith says:

I appreciate The Bravery of these people protecting their shop but in this particular instance I would have played along and use compliance nothing that you ever have of a material nature can replace your life.

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