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Brave Car Wash Owner Takes The Fight To Armed Robber

Baker Targets brought us today’s video of Brave Car Wash Owner Disarms Armed Robber. is my go-to source for targets for training and practice! Give them a shot the next time you order targets and thank them for sponsoring today’s video! Sign up for the ASP Unlimited App to watch Brave Car Wash Owner Disarms Armed Robber without ads and more here: and get early access, bonus content, FULL firearms training classes, behind the scenes, monthly seminars, and so much more! Then download it on your devices and sign in. News Stories: Raw Videos: ASP Sponsors and Recommended Products: Grab a limited-edition ASP T-shirt: Come to a seminar: ASP Community Standards: Check out the ASP National Conference: Copyright Disclaimer. Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair use” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. Attitude. Skills. Plan.


FasNuf Garage says:

Biggest lesson I got from this video is when you kick the perps a$$ and get his gun away from him, don't call the cops so you can keep the gun. 
(jk. it could be stolen)

Calvin Reeves says:

He had an A1 day!

Matt Philpott says:

Listen to what you just said. Firearm ID. with a concealed carry. The second amendment doesn't require a gun ID so Chicago, California, parts of Florida, and other cities need to go. Reclaimed by the earth or God.

GetmeoutofSanFrancisco says:

Ammo prices be like:

George Powe says:

Catch a criminal in Chicago?
Not likely.
The city government there has brought the effectiveness of law enforcement down to the level that they are completely useless.

《Y!n》 says:

This store owner is super UNPREPARED both in attitude and physically. Thats terrible in his slow action, doesnt OWN HIS OWN GUN…thats dumb…super slow actions. Lucky to be alive in my view

steve tarrant says:

"So, how much did you get from that robbery?"
"- 1 gun"

rhen tao says:

i wouldn't keep a malfunctioning gun tho

James Hudson says:

chicago, ill……houston north.

Killa Kliff says:

the fact that he put his shoe back is has me dead 😂

atcair33 says:

I would be remiss if I didn't point out that there was another video within the past month where the victim grabbed a gun or something and induced amalfunction. During that video you said that if you know that gun is no longer operable you cannot shoot him because that would be murder. I'm not sure what the difference in the two situations are but I would think morally, if I know the guy's gun is empty because he went to chamber around and the slide locked back, I would have to take the gun away from him without using deadly force. I'm saying that if I know for sure exactly what we all think happened is he chambered a gun with an empty magazine so the slide locked back. It didn't lock back halfway it locked back full which only happens when the magazine is empty. And after fussing with it for a a few seconds you can tell this guy cannot clear whatever malfunction he created. If you know the gun is malfunctioning and he can't fix it I would be very careful pulling the trigger on him. DA's, depending on the state, or just waiting for a law-abiding citizens to pull the trigger in a questionable situation so that they can make an example of them and charge them with everything possible.

SeenSee says:

You better believe he could defend himself because if you didn’t that mean you would make your self casualty

Gerardo Martinez says:

Owner got a free gun 😂😂😂

Penny Lope says:

After the bad guy left, the good guy STILL forgot to lock the door

Jeff says:

John do something with that mop top.
Love the channel

Anthony Alonso says:

Hand is up here John. I've jumped through ALL of the hoops and have never looked back. I carry everywhere where legal.

Las Vegas transparency cop watch #2 says:

That's why I love living in Las Vegas NV.It's a open carry state,A constitutional carry – Cowboy state.

James Brown says:

Hair is getting distracting. Gotta go, seriously.

Jack Greenstalk says:

He totally deserves to keep that gun but the cops for sure wont let that happen

H2s_Pays says:

Illinois here, I too have am in the first 100 club for CCL in Illinois. Carry everyday since. I also have my C&R so I can posses my SBRs. Crazy state, but this is home… for 8 more years at least.

Brett A says:

Dude beats a mini boss and doesn't get to keep his loot?

That's bs.

Old Man Patriot says:

2 Timothy 3:1-9

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