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Fastest and Deadliest Kicks in Taekwondo | Works 120% in Self-Defense | TaekwonWoo

Here are my 2 favorite Taekwondo Fastest and Deadliest kicks, what is your favorite? Enjoy the video! 🙂 Please LIKE, SHARE and COMMENT on our videos! We really appreciate it. Thanks!

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Kaylash Ramtohul says:

I suppose side kick is straight forward and linear. So a few fraction of seconds faster. I love the hook kick but for self defence the side kick is quicker. Both super kicks.

Mario Alberto Jiménez Sanjurjo says:

Yes!!!!! As you say side kick is the best kick for self defense, but attacking the knees.
And like you these both kicks are my favorites,
Saludos desde México.

OrochiShaka says:

to anyone who can do splits, if you were to raise your leg to higher than face level, do you worry about tearing a muscle?

Jhovas KnightHood says:

Can you teach some new advance technique kicks, you are always showing the same basic kicks, sorry but this starts to get really boring, always teaching the same basic kicks that even a white belt can teach.

حيدر الموسوي says:

You basicly uses your left leg , are you left handed??

Bruce Barthalow says:

Those two kicks are my favorite also.because they work great for countering mma leg kicks


Hook kick is my favorite. Always surprising opponent in sparring training

Yang Bo says:

+ for side kick, but I wouldn't trust my hook kick on the street 😀 Keep up with great videos sir!

Hoopin' Hokage says:

Can I have a shout out

Michael says:

excellent form by master Woo.

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