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Fast Strike Self Defense Whip Review

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hard2hurt says:

Question for Viewers: Do you think this could ever be used as an effective, legal self defense option?

Steffano Fumo says:

All that is going to do is make the attacker complain a lot from the welts, after he beats the shit out of you lol

Terrance Mooselips says:

How bouts eyez slaps yous cross tha face wit dat,lil boi?

Steven Wilder says:

The whip is neat, but, I wouldn't carry it. I guess I'm a worst case scenario guy. I believe it would go to grappling after one hit. Then, it's A) shutdown their brain; B) bleed them; or, C) make them non-ambulatory. (i.e, break shit.). Still, another cool video. Thanks!

Danky Kang says:

I bet the stinger would bring blood too if hit on bare skin. I would think getting hit and seeing blood and blinding pain would make nearly anyone (not on drugs) reconsider their life choices at that moment.

Jon Whalen says:

Walk it off man haha. Thats always the thing to do after something hurts

Urban Žižek says:

3:56 🤔😂

Trevor Mathews says:

Thank the gods for the people who invented these things. They’ve given me soooo much entertainment lmao

Kalikacharan Chowdhury says:

That shit is not gonna do anything…

SoliDeoGloria 07 says:

6:30 this is when is got weird 😂😂😂

ragdolllibby says:

Would you be able to get a few more licks after that initial first one because of that sting and pause the attacker would get?

Spring Bloom says:

Great violence escalation tool. That's the only thing this POS is going to accomplish.

Mr. Browning says:

It's ridiculous & is going to get you beaten even worse, but totally uneffective! At best as a person walking away from beaten yo ass they might say what was that lil thing he was trying to hit me with? Was that like a damn whip or something? lmao, morons…

Dan Bielefeldt says:

These reviews are all fun and games until someone loses an eye!!!

David Portas says:

2:53 is a self defense whip? or self atack whip? just kidding.

Tuff Nutz says:

Lmao that shit hit you right in the eye. I don't think this would do much for self defense. Yea it probably hurts like a mf but if someone is pumped with adrenaline or meth, pain isn't debilitating. A heavy blunt object that can render someone unconscious or break a bone would be ideal IMO. You might whip the fuck out of someone once or twice, cause superficial damage but won't stop their limbs from functioning. But I didn't get hit by it so what the fuck do I know.

Gone Fishin says:

What if I just tape up some shoe laces?

Thane Bridges says:

ive seen people wear as a belt almost. they string it through their belt loops and deploy it by ripping it out like a belt.

mike393000 says:

The magic wand joke made me laugh so hard! Is there a noticeable difference between this one and the stinger? The stinger seems heavier so maybe hurts more? and you have that cool sharp handle for stabbing.. er I mean glass breaking.. I have a fast strike and laughed when it arrived. I'd rather use by hands, feet and elbows or my expandable baton than this.. This wont stop a guy charging you.. my fast strike is the first version without the little hole to curl it into… subscribed !

Josiah Autry says:

Am i trippen or has Jay been slimming down a bit

henry R. says:

Gotta work up your adrenalin & then try it you'll see the true difference, in a bad case scenario (being attacked) is where the true essence factor will play.

Until Valhalla says:

You guys need your own Netflix special. Giving new meaning to slapstick!

Matthew Howell says:

Hey did you know that thing has a metal tip on it? eyeroll

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