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Fake Courier Opens Fire On Homeowner

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theguywithone says:

At least 50% of training I do is while moving or at least stepping out of sitting duck mode.

Clorox Bleach says:

Delivery guy is so bogus and obviously fake. AND it's in SA. There are obvious signs as well as the creep alarm. No need to open any gate or call your wife. Ask the delivery guy to show you the package, then have him leave it on the ground!

Searching 4Adventure says:

This was a hit. His wife contracted the perp


Beyond just training alone no formal moving and shooting training. To expensive I just keep one pistol and one rifle and train when I can afford it but moving and shooting is hard to do fast.

MillerBuilt says:

Cuz that dude… definitely creep. And a POS.

MillerBuilt says:

Creep alarm is 100% correct.

Russell Kenneth says:

Must be a UPS driver, probably had other deliveries and he was taking too long

Samuel Eden says:

To be honest that’s creepy

LateToTheParty7 says:

I'm glad the homeowner got away physically unscathed.

Ronny DiSalvo says:

John you are NOT moving FAST and drawing with that JELLY BELLY…we are both tuff in our 40s Highly skilled…but have ptotect your ASS I MEAN ASP

C-Clamper says:

All the classes I’ve taken involve moving and shooting.

theeoneandonlyibraw says:

What was he delivering? Hot lead?

John Neill says:

Many thanks to mag tech …. if you can find any of this ammo CONGRATS

topshotrhit says:

Yes, I've trained drawing while on the move a fair bit. Get off the X!

Jason Workman says:

Yep training on the move, barrier and low light training. Level 1,2 and 3 hand gun training

seedyrom247 says:

Speaking of strangers talking to you …. who is this skinny man in the red polo shirt presenting this video?

Il FENEX Il says:

I had a funny situation today, while I was walking behind a dude and he kept looking back at me.
Like as you say, I activated his creep alarm. So I mostly just pretended I didn't noticed and kept walking on his direction (because that's the direction I actually needed to go.) But I walked like away from him giving him his space.
Like if you don't need to be straight behind someone or you have more room to walk, please do it. lol I can imagine myself in the same position and that's something I'd appreciate.

Like 3 days ago I was about to punch a random dude because when we were crossing the street, right in the middle he walked completely straight at me coming from the opposite side of the street. (While he had one hand in a pocket and the other one out, while leaning forward swinging his body) Don't know how to explain that kind of walking posture/manner, but for me is a pre-attack indicator if they're walking straight towards you, for me that means that if I let him get close, I'm getting mugged.
The problem is when he did like a tiny jump in my direction, I flinched and got in the position to throw a punch but turns out the dude just slipped. I noticed just in the exact time.

If he simply used the rest of the goddamn street like a normal person, things like that wouldn't happen. Good thing I did noticed on time what was going on or I'd be in trouble for assault, just for a misunderstanding.

Don't know what's with people that try to walk through you or those that expect you to move away and even get mad if you don't. The fucking sidewalk is big enough for both of us.

Zuludamu says:

Looks like a failed hit

Carlitos V says:

Always practice moving. Shoot then move. Two to the torso, move, one to the head. etc.

Bonita Wauls says:

Yes, creep alarm is real! Also called Women's intuition, ESP, nervous tummy, subtle doubt. Don't ever ignore it!

J Mack says:

They need to find that guy, and fast.

Carlitos V says:

The problem is that the homeowner was a nice guy, and he wasn't mistrusting enough. He innately trusted others, and that was an almost fatal mistake.

Carlitos V says:

Courier: I have a delivery.
Homeowner: What is the delivery?
Courier: Lead.

pbsjones says:

A lot of companies are contracting out their deliveries. It would not be unusual to have someone in their personal car and not be wearing a uniform to deliver a package. But…the key word is "package." If there ain't no package, you ain't coming in.

Bschill says:

Don't see why anyone with enough money to have their home protected with a nice fence like that would choose to live in South Africa, or any part of Africa for that matter.

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