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Evil Exists In Our World

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Xamor 101st says:

Just like yesterdays video, you are your own first responder!

Andrew Cannon says:

He probably thought he was a cop. I hope they dismember this piece of shit.

Q James says:

Damn, If that is really the case that these two people have no history together this is truly disgusting and almost unbelievable but then again anything goes AND I DO MEAN ANY DAMN THING goes in 2019.

W1ll P0w3R says:

That guy shot his wife’s lover and learned he was gay that same day

DEPLORABLE 2020 says:

White SUV should have gunned the gas backwards and run his ass over!!!!!

Joe DeSimone says:

What could I do? Train my ass off to be able to have the confidence to hit a human size target at 20 yards. That's not an easy shot, but it's a circumstance where you have to take the shot. Every time. Who knows how many magazines the shooter has on him, right? Enough to take down everyone inside the convenience store? Possibly. Hitting that P.o.S. with even a single round would've driven him off, IMO. You saw him run. Coward. That's if I was a standing bystander. If I was unarmed in my vehicle, I'd have turned him into a pancake so long as I was confident I knew who the bad guy was in the encounter. If I couldn't determine it, I'm outta there ASAP. As for the guy who jumped on the hood, add that one as the 4th rule of stupid. Geez. Brave but lucky.

g1heart says:

Why should we have special relationship with Jesus. Jesus will say how can I protect you when I was not able to protect myself from crucifixion . So better we should have strong relationship with God the all mighty as no one can reach him forget about harming God.

Dale Swanson says:

1. Hesitation kills. 2. Know what cover is and run for it. 3. If not cover & trapped in open, charge the attacker to fight for your life. 4. White SUV reversed + floor it. 5. Bystanders use phones to call 911 & camera to film.


Keep em coming…..
Ps.. congrats on your wieght lose

Steven West says:

The white truck he was standing behind should have put in reverse and plowed over him, put it in drive and repeat until he stops moving.

David Apple says:

Am sorry but I am having a very difficult time accepting that what I saw was random. To do so would put my "left of bang" mental perspective on a whole new and different plain. In this case, it would mean that anyone even those in a car are mere seconds away from getting shot. That would mean broadening my situational awareness to point I have never thought of essentially functioning on boarder-line paranoia. That is why I can not believe this was random.


Poor victim just froze in the "oh shit" zone. Crazy how this world is. Life can be over so quickly

Chris Huling says:

Everyone in this video failed

drojim184 says:

Sucks that white SUV didn't reverse into the shooter and run him over. But that could fail as well if he moves. Then he's the new target. But sucks he lost his life so randomly.

Cody Neas says:

1 – guy getting shot at should move his a*$!
2- White Chevy Tahoe and Dodge Dakota should have made a bad guy sandwich!
3 – Tundra should have rammed him earlier instead of hesitating. Should have trailed this guy and communicated with police instead of staying put.
4 – hood jump was just stupid
Ridiculous lack of action on several folks part.
Just my thoughts…

Cd D says:

Your window gets blown out…A dude is shooting multiple rounds at you from 40 ft away and your gonna turn around and watch him do it?! Bye bye young man. Hope he didn’t have children to perpetuate those genes..
And btw. Yes Evil exists.
But run man!! He had no run-fu skills.

Michael Lynn says:

The victim was probably paralyzed by fear and a lack of a trained response, so he just stood there to get shot. This is akin to people lying down and pretending to be dead, except he forgot to lie down. He was probably incredulous to what is going on and might have thought the whole thing was about somebody else, not him, and that he got tagged by accident. Unfortunately, the security camera couldn't capture what the victim was doing.

As a bystander, I would not engage, but if I had to, I would wait in ambush for the perp to run out of bullets, then light him up while he is reloading. My personal philosophy is to not endanger my own life for a 3rd party, so I would do it in the least risky way possible.

If I were in a car, I agree I would have backed up and run him over backwards, and then hit him again going forwards just in case he got lucky the first time for good measure. There is no reason to believe that he wouldn't walk over and shoot at the driver of that car too.

Jumping on the hood? That was pure stupidity probably motivated by pure outrage – but getting shot through the windshield or run over is not the right way to go about it. I totally agree with just getting the license plate.

All of the bystander responses were delayed, as people have to take up the time to muster up the courage to intervene. Unfortunately, both were too little, too late. They were both lucky he didn't stop to shoot them as well.

Howard The Alien says:

This is such a great channel. Please keep making more!

xxNachooo says:

Can you make a video on this newly released footage ?

Robert Washburn says:

I believe something happened in the store and the man waited for him to come out.

Jeff Mokol. says:

I get it brother. I got it

Justin Bloom says:

Wow. I hope this piece of shit enjoys the lethal cocktail coming his way.

Drealmers S says:

The white car can't run over him, He doesn't know if that guy is really the bad guy or even a off duty officer.
All he can do is to run away

George Mayo says:

Back up on the person and pry

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