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Even When Police Are Within Earshot You Cannot Rely On Them

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Bew Bew says:

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Tyler Durden says:

The most dangerous part of this was the bad guy wearing a Yankees hat in Massachusetts!

Steve Kig says:

If you don't have the full story do not talk about it.

xlxcrossxlx says:

John are you serious? He took at least one shot it sounded like two. You can see the dust coming off the surveillance camera after the shock wave. That is why the cops turn on their lights and headed down the road towards what was going on. He barely pulled the gun out and fired it from his hip area.

ghost walk says:

Cops were after this dude for wearing a Yankees cap in Massachusetts, they didn't care about the stolen phone

AJ G says:

Wow! almost getting jacked for your phone in your own front yard? That's definitely not a place where I would want to live and I feel bad for that guy that has to live there –at least he was smart enough to realize the perp was BS'ing about shooting him & didn't give up his phone.

csj3rd says:

Not bragging but let's just say I'm a highly trained Marine vet..I'm good..

Richard Cranium says:

@Active Self Protection will you be covering the assassination attempt on the Chilean deputy of Criminal Investigations outside her home? CCTV footage was recently released, I can link if u have Parler

mabhodlela JJ says:

those police are so useless,why are they not chasinf the guy that was trying to rob?they just sitting there being useless.

C G says:

Cops are there but not. Clocking the hrs.

Sergey Kucherenko says:

I live in mass, cops are sweethearts here—no chasing after armed attacker lol

Phoenix says:

Because he was a Muslim they ignored him…now had be been white 😐

Bew Bew says:

Funny, I was just explaining this to someone. My example was, if the police were parked in front of my house and someone came and kicked my back door in, even if the police heard or somehow knew, they wouldn't get there in enough time to protect you.

ghost walk says:

"It is what it is", lmao the most ridiculous phrase ever, it's the equivalent of saying nothing at all, might as well just grunt whenever you feel like speaking lol

Sib's Art says:

They literally saw a dude run and didn’t think to chase, after someone’s calling for help?

Tony Silva says:

Atta boy john the police are under attack from every side and here you are fanning the fans

uche nwogu says:

I see Firefighters act this way too. Fast to the spot but exceedingly slow to react!!!

Chi Leung says:

you really believe the cops will show up when you urgently need them? I don't! But they pretty good of showing up to give you a traffic ticket.

Cityghost Jimenez payne says:

Where’s the off duty cops when you need them 😞

GRRB says:

Useless cops, yes you CAN fault them. They see the guy run out in front of them, and the other dumb dude shouting "he has a gun" one car could have followed the perp while the other could have stayed with the dumb fellow. In the end they where too lazy and didnt give a f… or too scared.

Brendan MacNeil says:

Pointless video….

Francisco Velasquez says:

Why did the cops just stay there after he’s yelling “he’s got a gun!” ???

LTNetjak says:

There's a reason they're called law enforcement and not protective services.

some guy says:

Ouch his breath made him run

svoncampe says:

POS. Give me YOUR phone. This sounds really stupid, and it may be, but I'd rather die defending against pieces of sh** who think they can take whats not theirs than comply. Perhaps heat of the moment; perhaps not smart, but at some point one has to take a stand against this and every type of evil, regardless of its manifestation.

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