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Even Japan Self Defense Forces Are No Match for Kawaii Loli


Nick Victory Fire says:

Never mess with a loli who has gun with that nickname, your going to regret it

Maulana Nur Yudhistira says:

P90 pink a.k.a Lapin

ShiKuBlaite says:

Ningen ja nai! Loli da!

P.S. WAIT. This is seriously a different version of Sword Art Online? O_O I didn't know this existed, even if it's new.

Jemuel Mongado says:

Let's be real, there's no way they could have beaten those guys without those BS videogame stuff like bonus movement speed and character customization

Genocide Shell says:

Good thing I watched this episode before this video

This is the only good thing to come out of SAO

Negative-Cat says:

I Hope the main character isn't a op person again

Dermotius says:

Im calling bhops an wall hacks

kim yin says:

strongest Loli –_–

Iso pod says:

I killed a loli when driving tank
what should I do??

SamusZeroSuit09 says:

Pink soldier loli will shot your ass off

Jackson K says:

Not gonna team up with her. Never.

Keon M. Fernandez says:

This time it's not FBI who's gonna get us… Instead the lolis will shoot us with the P90 at their little hands

Pvt Blackstone says:

JSDF soldiers leave the game and calls the FBI in their place

Mister Turk Turkle says:

SAO isn't anime. Video unwatchable

ash ketchum says:

PUBG the anime

Daniel Misikin says:

Obvious hacks Ima tell a admin.

sus ginoo says:

p- chan…i heard that in ranma 1/2.

Kouko Kamoko says:

Now I can see why it is better putting camouflage on guns the thing is bigger than I thought

DrtLckd says:

Best csgo clip ever

Ib Guertena says:

We need a match between her, Solid Snake, the Gunslinger Girls, & the Wild ARMs characters.

Yefta Tauran says:

PUBG : Kor/Japs Server

Yume says:

Wtf i didn't saw this. 😮😅

Xierra Marron says:

I can feel this as some sort of SAO fanfiction turned anime. I like it ^_^
Also this is the anime depiction of Battle Royale albeit on a smaller scale, so PUBG players can easily relate. It also makes a lot of sense that the gamemode fits within the GGO universe.

zam023 says:

Shes the decoy, I guess thats why shes bright pink LOL

zam023 says:

Shes HUGE! whats with the chibi avatar? >_<

SeanRyanAndGuys says:

Idk why why but seeing a loloi using p-90 is funny as hell

AshedSoul says:

Better then Kirito but worst logic then the actual said game woah

omg42lol says:


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