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Elderly Bronx Man Severely Beaten By Thugs

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samuel Hernandez says:

The Bronx is disgusting. Feel
Sorry for anyone who lives there.

Universal Law says:

They attacked that guy for 15 minutes and his boyfriend just stood there, damn I guess the love wasn't real.

yuyuNARI says:

That's what happened to me when I call people a noob in a virtual game

Leopard Boas says:

Those Catholic school boys at it again.

Twin Rivers says:

Termination immediately!

Frank Klepper says:

Cuomo and de Blasio don't have to worry about this happening to them unless we have a civil war.

Aidan O'Mara says:

Living in New York City I completely agree that everyone should have the right to defend themselves and things like this will continue to happen if you don’t let people have guns. Say what u want but I believe if you arm people it would be safer than if they aren’t armed because once the bad guys come, good people are defenseless. What a horrible thing.

Elaina Williams says:

Damn I'm glad I carry I would've unloaded the whole.clip on that ass.

Ozzy Tapanes says:

Where was his husband…?

MelMel says:

You don't have to do anything to be attacked in N.Y. Glad I left that place.

ericab1981 says:

This is what Mayor DeBlasio would refer to as, "Low risk, non-violent offenders".

EhlerDave says:

Could this have anything to do with this killing?…………………….. "He and his husband?"

Ammathein says:


Chris Rain Man says:

I carry allllllllll the time cpl responsible gun owner

The Drive Inside says:

Carry a gun and blow a hole in their heads 🤷🏼‍♂️

Willam Munny says:

I wonder if DeBlasio/ Cuomo let them out on bail yet?

Vorthulus Gaming says:

I hope the parent's of the shit sucking scum that killed that man are proud of the POS they spawned on this world and I would've defended that old man with my life as is the responsibility of any citizen seeing another in trouble.

Kamalakrsna Devi says:

YES .. yu do say … no one is comming 2 save yu… yu hav 2 save yourself. yu say it in REAL/ACTURAL pictures/videis wich a picture is worth a THOUSAND words. i was beaten/attacked in this way 40 years ago & survived … i learned quickly & it ain't gonna happen again. surviving getting shot by a gun/bullet & surviving … also gets yu 2 a new better level of life.
Horrifying …but … worth tha price of admission 2 a new level of living if yu do survive.

marcelagae says:

Wonder how many priors these guys had. I suspect they had a fair amount. But it's New York, and they don't believe it locking up criminals.

Not.enough to.go.around says:

For a dollar bro…… Thats sad.

Madagascar Sapphire says:

What happened to social distancing in NY?! They need full car few!

Bluecavemen says:

Funny how you can't see their faces yet they were caught and in prison. You get one with a at least a decent camera in the day time and still are still can't find them smh US justice is stupid

inlovewithi says:

They were charged with 2nd degree murder, but this seems worse than 1st degree. If you think about it, I'm no expert, but 2nd degree murder makes sense where a person might get into a heated argument with someone and completely lose it. 1st degree, the murder was planned, and while VERY bad, at least their is a history with the victim. This was a 10 to 15 minute beat down by some animals who where enjoying it and having the time of their lives, without a care in the world for the victim. It's more senseless. They should all get at least 30 years.

Matthew Gallagher says:

Tragic. This mans blood is on your hands Mike Bloomberg & Bill de Blasio.

John J says:

this is the Bronx, born there , lived their worked there… Everday I said, Always Amazed , Never Suprised “ Welcome to The Bronx , and yes this is horrible watch, years ago an off duty cop had this happen to him late night at a White Castle, it was long into the beating that he was able to draw his weapon , nypd was responding and sadly he was killed by friendly fire… he was so badly beaten that he wasn’t understanding commands of drop you gun… “Always amazed, never surprised”

smokedoubt says:

Appendages should be banned

scogrant says:

Kinda hard to have the proper tools in NYC.

Paul Hercules says:

I don't like cowerds.

William Wagers says:

This guy was probably a liberal and was anti gun.

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