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Elbow and Knee Strike in Self Defense Master Wong's Expert Tips

Elbow and Knee Strike in Self Defense Master Wong’s Expert Tips Hi, everyone. Master Wong here. Today, I’m thrilled to share with you my expert tips on mastering elbow and knee strikes in self-defense. In this informative and engaging video, I will demonstrate powerful techniques that will empower you to protect yourself effectively. In this video, you’ll learn the art of executing devastating elbow strikes and knee strikes, ensuring your self-defense skills are top-notch. I will guide you through the proper form, technique, and timing to maximize the impact of these strikes, allowing you to neutralize threats effectively. Key Points Covered: * Mastering the proper stance and posture for elbow and knee strikes. * Understanding the biomechanics behind powerful strikes. * Exploring various angles and targets for optimal effectiveness. * Incorporating footwork and body mechanics to enhance strike delivery. * Real-life scenarios where elbow and knee strikes are highly effective. Throughout the video, I infuse my signature informative, humorous, and educational style, making the learning experience both enjoyable and engaging. I prioritize safety and proper technique, ensuring that you can apply these techniques with confidence. I encourage you to hit the like button, subscribe to my channel, and share this video with your friends and family. By doing so, you’ll join my exclusive Inner Circle, where you’ll gain access to premier training tips, early content previews, and special discounts on seminars, retreats, and products. Don’t miss out! Sign up quickly to stay ahead of the curve and receive all the latest news and insights from me, Master Wong. I invite you to leave your comments and questions below. Share your thoughts, experiences, and even invite your friends and family to watch this video. My dedicated team is here to assist you and will respond promptly to any queries you may have. Your engagement and active participation are highly valued. Social Media Links: Follow me on social media for more martial arts inspiration: * Facebook: * Website: * Instagram: * Twitter: “Train hard. Live clean; don’t let anyone bully you! Master Wong.” #selfdefense #martialarts #elbowstrikes #kneestrikes #mastery #techniques


srwen says:

lol I've never seen this before, it's so fashionable to invent techniques that nothing he shows applies in real life, I'd like to see a guy like that fighting in the street XD

Gareth jones says:

Im suprised master wong isnt in movie scenes yano, he is badass

Cheng Fu says:

Excellent Sanda after all all arts of the same the man makes the art you are your skill the whole point of battles to change up adapt read the read the enemy strike from all positions be ready keep your cool and subdue the target without hesitation Mercy over strength and always be prepared for all attacks and always take the sight away in a street fight and weapons are blocks always counter always evade excellent

Pigg says:

When I try to block with my elbows, it’s range of block isn’t that big so the punches usually go past. How can I improve?

Akthambeast says:

I love you ❤️

Dezmin Jenkins says:

How to fight somebody if they try to push you and paint your pole up the ass in hit them in the ass what you pole in kick

Undergrad Master Snoop Menuce says:

Elbows in wing chun are very handy

Roberto Estéban Moreno says:

Good shit as always shifu!

Master Duelist says:

I do my Training every Day. Graps and counter attacks are my favorites. Wing Chun is my favorite Style. I begun as I was 12 years old. A Man wanted to attack me with a Knife, and there was 2 other men with him. I was a kid and the 3 men was older and bigger than me, so what should I do with 12 years vs. 3 guys, between 18 and 20 old. Attackers that only can fight with weapons, are pussies. Wing Chung helped me to get stronger. Now Knifes are no problem for me.

christian baptiste says:

Master Wong I wish I could become a martial artist just like you did.❤❤❤❤🥋🥋🥋🥋🥋🥋🥋🥋🥋🥋🥋🥋🥋

warlord gaming says:

If you can defense with 3 opponent
I was beat by 3 guys and im down
I only know basic defense

william woo says:

so effective so efficient so beautiful and so simple.

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