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Ear Slaps for Self Defense

Learn Self-Defense ► How do you strike your opponents ear during an attack? While some self-defense instructors will tell you to angle your hand or cup it in a certain way to better grip your attacker’s ear, it’s not necessarily true. When you want to slap your attacker’s ear, just smack him. Plain and simple. You don’t have the time to angle or position your hand in a certain way. Just slap him as you would any other part of his body. Think of a palm strike and just strike him. Make sure to put all your weight behind your ear slap for maximum efficiency. This will create a better impact and have better results. When you’re slapping your opponent’s ear, you need to be ready to continue with a strike. The ear slap will not be enough to disadvantage your opponent. So, don’t stop with just the ear strike. Be ready to keep striking until you’ve incapacitated your attacker and can successfully get away. You can practice the ear slap with your partner or on a dummy to perfectionate your self-defense technique. Subscribe to the Code Red Defense YT channel: 14 Self-Defense videos: ► Ear Slaps for Self Defense Should you Intervene in a Street Fight? Bob Dummy ► [Official] Self-Defense videos: ► Stay safe, Nick Drossos and Patrick V Code Red Defense ► #selfdefense #selfdefensetips #self-defensevideos

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Jes smith732 says:

Hmm I thought this technique was myth. But ok

CzaRus _The_Sniper says:

Is it any more efficient than a throat strike, or a simple palm strike to the jaw? With more and more vids coming I'm starting to feel like literally anything can be used, but there is going to be this…"set(s)" of moves that are just better/generally more advantageous…
Not a pro , but I'm not seeing an advantage in what looks almost like a b*tch slap over a hook or something else.

Tamara Ching says:

thank you for this informative video – as a faithful subscriber, left you a thumb up rating as a thank you. watching the video, i thought about smacking someone's ear with a fist instead of a cupped hand – and then thought of why? thank you in advance for your answer and please be SAFE during these scary days. always your T

Larry Reese says:

Its like a percussion grenade going off. Then machine gun punch until your attacker in disabled.

Logic Bob says:

You didn't really touch on the effectiveness… 🤔

richcapo 76 says:

How do you determine which account to post on by the way?

richcapo 76 says:

However you do it, unless you have noodle strength, you will SERIOUSLY hurt your opponent — it’s a great tactic.

Great video.

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