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E-Sports Staff Member Uses Coyote Spray On Solicitor

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whatsupdate says:

Coyote spray guy: hold my bong

Deax says:

Hahah is that a fucking bong

hagakuru says:

Waiting for the video in 3-4 days when he comes back with a weapon…knife/gun/etc and goes to work on those employees. If you think that he is not going to come back then that would be pretty naive.

Amar Fawwas says:

Use Acid spray, gamers!

Impossible says:

Black people……..

Flying Walrus42 says:

Seen a hundred videos from you and only thought to subscribe now after I see your videos daily lol

joseph pockey says:

Going to have to have something more aggressive for me.

John B says:

Damn africans

Duff Residents says:

What’s an e sports ?

MyMusic Account1 says:

Dude in the flannel had to secure his bong before blessing the perp with the hot sauce.
Don't want the bong to get injured in any way!

Adam H says:

CEO of doing a pretty OK job.

Tu Nguyen says:

4 guys were there would beat the shit out of him

Jay C says:

4:12 was outside smoking a bong? "This guy again?! He interrupted my marijuana break!"

Jay C says:

Catches 3 sprays right in the face, almost no reaction to it.

Frank Lugo says:

the only thing missing was the guy with the spray ripping a bong hit as a power up before entering the building

The Rabbit says:

I just wish the sprayer would be on alert at the door for the guys friends or if he came back🤔

Enigma McC says:

Wait a second. Why does coyote spray exist lmao

jshiwak says:

Best kind buddies a piece of shit going in there like that.

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