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Dumb Robber Uses a Flare Gun

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The Handsome Liberal says:

Not your money? Not your fight!

I don't care if the guy is unarmed. You are fighting for something that means nothing to you.

CondorHigh says:

He could've at least painted it black lol

Ray C says:

The clerk was probably in his mid to late 50's at least. As you get up in age, you learn not to get into fights unless you're outright attacked. Also, a flare gun shoots a 2oz projectile several hundred feet into the air. Getting shot with one will cause damage. A flare gun would likely have set a fire in the store that could have caused hundreds of dollars of lost merchandise. The clerk did the right thing.

R. Boas says:

Can you put a shotgun shell in a a flair gun? I understood you could.

PILATUS1968 says:

he could have easily temple/jaw punch this guy 3x in this robbery when he turned sideways on him the gun was on the opposite side the whole time he pussed out, and he should have never opened the register, could have also played stupid and just pushed buttons on it until the perp got tired of it and left.

Zena Warrior says:

Somehow this made me laugh. Between the sound effects, wardrobe, mask, flare…like a comedy 🤣. Clerk appeared to be in disbelief, thus the hesitation.

Greenie says:

If you're going to do something, do it with "Flare"
sorry couldn't help myself…😁

Something2say says:

Oh I think the clerk woulda gone for it, but that gansta shooting grip, and that high vis…, that frightening high vis weapon made the clerk think twice.

409darrob says:

He should have taken him out

amir shake says:

The mask, the mask

The CROSSBUILT Armory says:

The boldness of these crooks…

Tama Matu says:

Actually one of the few smart robbers to use the mask requirement rules to hide their identity

Googlin Stuff says:

Title for this one needs to be "Dumb Clerk Submits to a Flare Gun Wielded by an Anorexic Thief Half his Size."

SuperRomadoma says:

I can't belive Wee Willy Winky has turned to crime

Knock it Down says:

Oh my god!!! This has got to be the funniest shit or the bro in red was in on it. 😂😂😂😂😂🤡

jayjay nella says:

Multiple opportunities to take down the defender with orange bloke's size advantage. Robber was not so dumb, the flare gun trick worked. Bet he got fired for letting the thief take the money.

David Siracuse says:

That guys lucky that kid didn't have a BB gun.

curtis norbeck says:

Dumb enough but got away. Yeah you gotta caption this better. "DUmb store clerk was a pussy and obviously was scared of 100 pound dude with a flare gun" lmaooooo wow

This Fella says:

This looks like a bad TV show skit or something… I really couldn't believe it was real. It just didn't seem like it would have been hard at all to say no, and gtfo.

Joseph P K says:

The lesson here is; When you're 250lbs and he's 125lbs, a flare gun pointed at everything but you is not a good enough reason to be robbed. However, it is a great reason to see what happens when you stick a lit flare up someones…

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