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Dude In Brazil Reaches To Take Phone and Tool

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Mdkhnz 47 says:

Welldone just kill them all ..

CounterSniper says:

Hey John, the intended victim isn’t carrying his gun on his left hip where you put the red arrow. You see after the bad guy is off of him that he draws his weapon with his right hand from his right side.

David G says:

My ninja pose isn't what it used to be.

ace benedict says:

Brazil is the wild west

Bass Blaster says:

Good guys win 👍

Richard Starkey says:

You may want to mention that this is a great example of why a holster must fully cover the trigger area 100%.
You may think that a teeny bit of gap is insignificant and that no reasonable person can get their finger in to pull the trigger, but what if a deranged adict was pulling on it with 200lbs of force, now that teeny gap becomes much larger, and you might get your leg or dick blown up.

Andy L says:

It seems most of your videos come from Brazil or Latin America, don’t travel there unless you are packing…

1love says:

Bad boy bad boy what you going to do when come for u

French Vanilla says:

If someone attempts to steal your phone, then fights with you, all while trying to grab your gun to possibly end your life… Let me tell you he's lucky all he got was a kick to the face!

hugger354 says:

This actually looks like 2 undercover officers acting as victims to catch criminals. The pose is designed to attract a robbery attempt.

felipe araujo says:

Down here in Brazil I only buy used phones, I had 2 attempts on my life due to cellphone, I buy em cheap especially so I don't have to do stupid shit like hold my fucking phone in the middle of a fight for my life… Stupid ass reaction over there.

Bazelf says:

Hope the perp is fine…

In Hell, being whipped by Satan!

Daniel May says:

The irony is that I watch these videos in transitional spaces 😂😂

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