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Drunk Man Picks A Fight With The Wrong Gentleman And Gets A Potluck Of Pain

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C-Mo Bucks says:

Fights in Asia are awesome 😂😂😂

77Infidel says:

Try that in a small town

ezeNdog says:

Dude love your content and have for years,…. Butttt… Imho… Cut your hair and trim your beard, u look like the towns drunk hobo. Seriously

massive chicken says:

fuck yes. this will happen every time in nz

Sunny Joe Landry says:

For me when he's in intensive care. The only way to teach you little punks a lesson. Cuz obviously their parents never taught them. We old folks have to. I have seen too many elderly people put intensive care and even die from these kids thinking they are gangsters. If this happened in Texas they probably never would have walked away alive.


John didn’t actually watch the video apparently. He didn’t seem to notice that both of these kids were bullying the old man together. The smaller kid, smoking… Is up in his face and cornering him just as much. He’s just smaller

Drew TheCEO says:

It was morally cool the whole time. I would have allowed old man to come back with a big pipe. Get wrecked messing with elderly. I would've done more actually.

Jeff Dizon says:

Normally I would say yes, there’s a point when you stop, like when he’s cowering and obviously was pretty much all given up and had enough. But in this case, I absolutely have no problem with the extra licks he was dealt with. There are times when people need the just receive the lesson life gives you. I hope this guy learns from this and thinks twice before touching his next drink.

John Jungroth says:

Those men were down with anything that came their way, don’t poke the bee hive.

Samuel Cover says:

This looks like some yakuza or triad crap. Picked on the wrong old guy, my dude.

Bobby Rod says:

Justice served.😂

Ragnar Danneskjold says:

Am I the only one that had "Everybody Was Kung Fu Fighting" playing in their heads watching this?

Rjokkni says:

Finally an opportunity for you to say your favorite word John, brouhaha

iamkitkatbar says:

How many times do we gotta teach you this old man

dfendurself Jones says:

I think they went just far enough

James Evans says:

Bullies ALWAYS attack the weak and elderly….
… and they paid today

stick85251 says:

IMHO jerk off in blue got served just about the right amount of whoop ass. Being drunk is no excuse!

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