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Don’t Forget To Practice Your Empty Handed Skills

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Robert Mrbena Mrbena says:

Lol got me howling these dudes looking bitch, too bitch to do shit.

jaybambinoo says:

How does he got a Balenciga shower cap on but he’s here robbing the gas station for some cigarettes? 😭😂

Smiley Dog says:

0:18 How times have changed 🇧🇷

stoner27th says:

Guy's got choked.. me: grab his balls! Grab his balls! And squezze with all your might!

Juan Ernesto Samaniego Silva says:

It's look like paying actors. Hello from Paraguay!

Pikey Bastard says:

This is why you don't want black people to live next door.

Stone Cold says:

If I were a store clerk and someone came in to steal like this, I’m walking out the door. There’s no need to put your life at risk. Not only would you put your life at risk if you try to stop them, some liberal states actually have laws where charges could be pressed against you for fighting back. Just walk away.

Evil Genius says:

Dude put himself in a headlock. Probably in on it and this was just theater

James Whitaker says:

Pants hitch and target glance. It’s amazing how consistent that behavior is.

Zac Burns says:

This guy John is a joke with his pepper spray. He just watched videos and does bs martial arts and thinks he is a expert

Keinlieb says:

I use to wrestle all the time when I was younger and the go to move was always the guillotine. Learned how to get out of one when I was younger. Granted, if the person who has you in the guillotine knows what they are doing, it will be much harder.

Zac Burns says:

You have no real experience. All you do is watch videos.


White people again….

TheRotorhound says:

Once in the headlock the guys life was endangered (remember George Floyd) and lethal force could have been used. Cops in Houston probably won’t even take a police report on this.

Jason K says:

bunch of stuff happens in Texas

No Fs given says:

Light work…

PUBG Goddess says:

Do I really gotta put the "menthol cigarette" joke 🤣

nicholas thibeault says:

Yo strait hood math 2 adults vs. 1 teenager = freeshit… They didn't even give him a spanking lmao. I mean Chevron got insurance.

Brandon Banuelos says:

Why I feel like the clerk was in on it !! Moms probably need a Newport

esils says:

One arm Headlock while adjusting his bi vocals 👀 4:30

AustinTX Dudes says:

Fake those are his Homies lol

Zippo Amerika says:

Krav Maga central valley California… Asperger’s please learn a skill set learn it well so you can avoid a headlock and getting a nuggy or a melvin

As for these two and for the store clerk should’ve could’ve just let them steal the menthols…

zeke thefishgeek says:

What a loser…

Bob Guy says:

These racist assholes stole newports.

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