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Defender Wasn't Ready For Knives To Come Out

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@FoogleBoogle says:

very british video

@Joe-hu7di says:

Some of those swings had to miss, or the defender would have been leaking badly.

@chalkydisc913 says:

If that doctor was allowed to carry, the outcome would’ve been different.

@GamebossUKB says:

Immigrants as usual

@johnbubb9908 says:

yip, thats how we Live in South Africa, these guys always carry knives, so either have a firearm or give them what they ask for.

@BossLevelPro says:

I'm never going to South Africa and I'm sure as hell never wearing flip flops in Brazil. 🏃👟

@davej5529 says:

It's funny because they come here and do the same thing

@gringoking749 says:


@jedmcdonald4695 says:

I really think knock out power is the best defense against knives.

@spliffme2x says:

We will be seeing this in our streets very soon. Thanks Biden!

@edbenedict77 says:

Adrenaline pumping thru his system after a life threatening fight and he's in shock!

@michaeljazdzyk474 says:

In God we trust, everybody else show me your your hands. Hands kill nothing else does.

@hobbithabits says:

The doctor coming out with a machete is iconic.

@mikelee9608 says:

Man, give the phone up and live to see another day for real !

@tirepunk7367 says:

time to outlaw knives…..

@lostoxicos24-78 says:

I dont risk my life for a phone

@dorothytovio6975 says:

Wow.. those were some HUGE knives too. Old mates reaction was like "hey, they nicked me. Patch it up?"

@Safename40 says:

The other day the same happened to me, the robbers had knives. I let them take my phone, and I run as heck! I can never take a knife for a 200 dollar phone. They chased me, but I was too far for them to take anything else. Scary as heck, I tell you…

@prostyle1626 says:

I have loads of respect for Dr. Carson. I place lots of value on his opinions. I'll share a quote from him that I heard years ago.
"It was believed that the press would act in the better interest of the people and not have an agenda."
Dr. Ben Carson interview with Wolf Blitzer on CNN.
C.ontinuous N.eedless N.oise.
My views 👇
America has become an Ineptocracy.
A system of government in which the least capable to lead are elected by the least able to provide for themselves.
A system in which both are sustained and enabled to retain their positions by the confiscated wealth of a dwindling number of productive tax payers.
33 trillion in debt. I would say that America has become an Ineptocracy.

@gilbertflores4341 says:

Not even in safe in a damn Medical waiting room !

@levitaggart5943 says:

This is so insane, but I'm not surprised ! These heartless, maniacal fools in the streets don't care about anyone, not even theirselves. Broad daylight, in a business, witnesses & surveillance & STILL THESE MANIACS ATTACK THIS MAN ! He fought back, I get it. No weapons were brandished until he did. The man is tough, stood his ground. Once they pulled knives, he had no choice but to keep fighting because they were punks who wouldn't fistfight with him. Each attacker stabbed him 3 times & then THEY RAN OUT ! Ok, they got his cell, but it wasn't easy & now when they get arrested, they'll be looking at multiple charges.

Assault & battery, armed robbery, attempted murder & maybe more if they have criminal records. It just goes to show that anyone can be attacked anywhere; at home, work, a restaurant, the doctors office, it doesn't matter. These maniacs don't care WHERE, so we MUST BE PREPARED for this foolishness on any given day. Kudos to the staff that tried to help. I wish the defender a speedy recovery & I wish all the worst things to fall upon these maniac killer wannabes.

@stewie84 says:

Dexter reviewed the footage and was disturbed there was “no blood.”

@michaelripley4528 says:

DANG!!! I was expecting pocket knives?? Ruthless “people”!!!

@brocknspectre1221 says:

I’m always amazed at how someone can take grievous wounds and, in the moment, stay in the fight like it didn’t happen.

@BomberOperator says:

Incredible He was stabbed several times at the same time. But like a knife Unable to penetrate his armor after the robbers were shocked that their knives couldn't do anything to this man. They all ran away crying. Let this man walk around like nothing happened.

@Ironsight_Army says:

Common euro L

@RodCornholio says:

I don't care if you're Bruce Norris in their prime, you're gonna get poked or slashed in this situation.

@UChinGC says:

For a DAyum stupid phone!!!!! ?????

@drgunsmith4099 says:

Willing to take a a life for a phone, some people are just pure evil and have no respect or regard for life.

@SandeepKumar-gz7hl says:

Man that hand sanitizer dispenser stad could do the charms

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