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Defender Uses Empty-Handed Skills to Stop the Threat | Active Self Protection

I carry a firearm for a reason, but every defender must realize that their self-defense starts with their empty-handed skills. This guy didn’t have a firearm and had no choice but to either use his empty-handed skills to stop the threat or get shot trying.


Raw with news story (Google Translate from Tagalog required):

News story in English:

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camabron1 says:

5 D's plus 1? What are they?

Xavier Mondragon Jr says:

666k subscribers, surprisingly good content, illuminarty confirmed

imlaxurian says:

Perp's the security guard there

Saad Salam says:

These are too violent and commentary is too provoking .Please put this channel down.

Texflix says:

I've always said… Opening an umbrella inside leads to horrible misfortunes.

Colin Stanhouse says:

Damn everyone luck out in this one

SelectCircle says:

No disarm because no eye gouge or nut crush.

bestrok76 says:

Sorry. What is 5D?

jnpSacto says:

Looks as if the wounded man came in with the chair KO! Never give in, never give up!

Dew Time says:

Can someone please tell him to do a video on this robbery?

This security guard walks in on a robbery and starts shooting them like it’s nothing. He’s 100% calm, zero adrenaline. It was crazy and funny as hell

95TBake says:

5 dicks + 1 nice

13c11a says:

Thanks for providing these videos and comments. FYI "coup de grâce" is the phrase you are looking for. It means "an act if grace."  "Coup de gras"  means "an act of fat."

Napster Napster says:

Nunca estas solo openas

My Wife's Best Friend says:

Dodge Duck Defend Dip and Dodge… if you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball

PinkOld says:

Moving in for the finisher with a foreign object = +1
The foreign object is a cheap plastic chair instead of the prescribed folding type = -2

Edward swift says:

Please what's the 5Ds +1

Trisha Maiden says:

he is my uncle .

Revelation 21:4 says:

Philippines is worst because of illegal drugs

thatallredheadude says:

I saw a video online once called '5 D's plus one' but it wasn't similar to this one at all

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