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D3 Protection Mini Jack self-defense tool review and test This is a lead weighted leather blackjack hand-made in Canada. The review covers the quality of its material / construction and its …


Skallagrim says:

+Matthew Carberry
I think the direction of the strike is awkward with a flat sap because you
have to generate force by rotating your wrist, rather than doing a straight
forward strike that is in line with your forarm.

Skallagrim says:

It’s not just about the amount of force, it’s also essential where you hit.
Striking the hands or arms would be very effective and not lethal. Strikes
to the collarbone would also be incapacitating.

Skallagrim says:

+Jesse Sisolack
Personally I would recommend carrying *both* a less lethal impact tool *and*a knife as backup for when things get really ugly.

Skallagrim says:

That would be a lot less compact and not weighted at the striking tip, so
less effective.

Skallagrim says:

+william cryts
True, but since moisture is an issue for leather in general it would be a
good idea to waterproof it with wax or spray anyway.

Skallagrim says:

+Kai Dee Fan
Errr, no thanks… that’s not my cup of rap…, I mean, tea.

tetsubo57 says:

You could however *use* it as a sex toy.
I get the feeling that law enforcement is going to take a dim view of such
an item. I had a friend that used to carry a coin pouch. Double walled
bull hide, with a heavy strap. Filled with about 6$ in quarters. Made a
fine jack and could pass as a ‘coin pouch’.

Alexander Salt says:

See here the auto-asphyxiation tool. Good job :)

chris says:

That poor….grapefruit? or was it an orange?

matthias66 says:

Lol, I love the beginning of this video, cracked me up! XD

Kai Dee Fan says:

You know what? Watching this has gave me an idea of what you should do.

You should totally review Bad Dragon products!!

shurdi3 says:

Who tests on melons.

Everyone knows that blackjacks are for sneaking up on people, and giving
them a medium strength swing, and knockout benny the guard

72darkf says:

yeah, the OLDSCHOOL way of a nonleathal option before pepperspray and
I´m rather astonished someone makes those commercialy.

do they make those face masks twith zippers, too? (sorry, opportunity for
lame humor was too good..)

BloodstainedSinner says:

On second thought, I do suppose the idea is to stun your enemy.. not crack
his skull. Lol.

Jesse Sisolack says:

Looks like a good blackjack, but I would not carry it. I can have a knife
about the same size. A knife will do more damage. Yes, a knife is more
lethal, but if I pull my knife or gun on someone, then they did something
serious to the point that I plan on killing them. I really do not have much
between. Either everything is fine, or someone has to die. If someone wants
a weapon like this though, this brand looks like a good one.

Richard Richter says:

those work good trust me lol

glittch135 says:

I can do the same damage for a buck with a fresh length of liquorice…if
it comes down to it why not just carry a crowbar know. a gun?

SAsgarters says:

You really should do a weird sex toy review at some point. ;)

killer13324 says:

Honestly i prefer a good knife for the bare minimum. If someone attacks you
and you fight back and the attacker gets away it’s best to inflict severe
wounds so you know to check each hospital for the offender or at least have
a blood trail to follow. It’s a better guarantee that the criminal with be
put in jail or in the morgue.

o0oNaturalOneo0o says:

Price is a bit on the higher end then a few other sources but the quality
superceeds the lower priced models available. Legally in Canada on paper
leather billy’s ( black jacks) are not classified as a prohibited weapon.
However some officers may misidentify them as spring batons which are
prohibited. I advise caution on carry. Oh chucking or using the strap like
a nunchuk… Yes it does create a seemingly more effective strike however
it allows a greater chance for the attacker to grab it or pull it from
you. It also creates a flail mace like idea which once again falls in to
the prohibited if used as such. Friendly caution here… head strikes
with the black jack even with self defense in mind can land criminal
charges placed against you and prison time ( I am reffering to Canadian
laws here). I would suggest that you learn to strike body mass areas and
impact/ preasure points. Avoid head strikes.

grootekloet says:

Nice little opinion-enhancer….
May you do a short Video about medieval handheld H-Bombs?
I always wondered how they are used traditionally…

StimpYJCatZ says:

Thinking about cons, okay it looks awesome – but i dont think its really
practical, compared to e.g. a wrench combined with a chain (wich might even
do a lot more damage to heinous fruits ^^)
3:55 somehow reminds me on our old child birthday partys ^^ – how do you
call “Topfschlagen” in english?

Beaujangles McJiggle says:

That’s a flash little belter, imagine whacking someone’s hand elbow or
shoulder…end of fight.

TheBaconWizard says:

It depends on location of course, but I wonder what the legal status of
those things is.

DragonlordWarlock says:

I think it maybe could be improved a little, like a full metal jacket
bullet, the lead in the head of it could be encased in a harder metal, that
does not have to be too thick, which would make it more robust against hard
targets like that metal can…. :)

Krig Raseri says:

If anyone got hit by that they would be mentally scared because being hit
by a sex toy can do that to a person.

Skall: They sell other leather products. Me: Oh, I bet they do.

Wurled Peas says:

Highly effective tools, these blackjacks. I have a 9 inch sap and a similar
size jack in Manila. We had occasion to need it in Boracay when confronted
with a very drunk, very large and extremely amorous Aussie who decided my
wife’s underage niece was deserving his carnal attentions a few years ago.
He probably still misses his molars.
The fun part is trying to get my Kabar onto the boat to Boracay proved
impossible. They security people seized it upon seeing it in my baggage via
the x-ray machine.
The jack seemed to go….mistaken, I think, for something else. I think.
I have long thought it a huge disservice to society that these things along
with brass knuckles, loaded monkey’s fists, collapsible batons and the like
are largely banned in USA.
They are a great playing field leveler for smaller people, the disabled,
those who don’t wish to or are not permitted to carry a gun.
Use with extreme care. A pop to the skull is likely to be lethal.
I actually prefer the saps. The flat shape makes it easier for me to carry
and deploy. I hold it open palm, retaining it with my thumb and slap with
it. If that proves less than effective I’ll take a hard grip on the handle
and get to work.

Michael Fenton says:

a head strike with that thing would almost certainly be lethal. A depressed
skull fracture a pretty gnarly thing 

ThePhantomLion . says:

This isn’t a sex toy review!? I AM disapointed! DISLIKE! Just
kidding…although, it does look rather kinky, can it be used

BloodstainedSinner says:

I would imagine that this mini-jack would be more efficient, had it a
thicker, heavier ‘end’?– I mean, the part that is intended to contact.
With such a short tool, that’s designed for a whipping motion, it should
have a good weight on the end to compensate for it being short?

Brandon Cabral says:

Could you please make a video about a Koga or a kubotan?!

Joseph Banks says:

You should do stuff about cold steel

william cryts says:

black jacks slap jacks palm saps glove saps I LOVE THEM ALL!!!

such gorgeous weapons with very rich history easily one of the wests
favorite weapons i think cop uniforms still have a slapjack pocket they
usually put only flashlights and whatnot in them nowadays they stopped
using all the saps only a few county’s in the US still use them mainly due
to the police brutality lol like that stopped police brutality how sad that
the mindset of banning the item stops the behavior is still rampant to day

there is one/two cons you didnt mention skall, when it comes to threaded
saps they have a tendency to let in moisture more then their plain
counterparts making the odds if there is a spring in the threaded sap to
rust thus having a shorter life.
and if the striking point of the sap is threaded it can cause cutting in a
way damaging the skin more then smooth saps..but thats if you consider that
a con lol and even then if you strike with the side of the sap you can do
the same thing cops did this for muscle strikes when they didnt have the
authority to use more lethel bone strikes but this can damage the sap if
you strike with the seem too often

damn sorry for the essay i got carried away O_O Q_Q T_T

great vid btw

Bradley Casteel says:

the way you introduced the video made me laugh harder than i should
have….good on ya

NeoCorpse says:

+Skallagrim That last comment gave me a good laugh. I always wonder why
they don’t use a steel for those. Maybe to cut down on lethality? I dunno
but a steel one would be badass! Imagine the damage unyielding steel would
have. It’d be insane.

Matthew Carberry says:

Any reason you chose the Mini Jack over a flat sap? 

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