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Courageous Act of Self Defense: Caught On Tape

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TheYankeeMarshal says:
Tapperlite1 says:

Time to mentally terrorize Yankee… a few days ago my friend found a
two centipedes inside his bedroom. you’re welcome

lordcool says:

They are pretty dangerous I take it?

killer13324 says:

Is hi-point a good firearms manufacturer?

Mojoman57 says:

And the whole time I thought I was going to see something involving
self-defiance. My fault.

Ed Bo says:

WM, do you squat when you pee ???

27dcx says:

don’t ever go to australia

99slacker999999999 says:

.22 WMR shotshell… lol

TacticalMuffinTop says:

You should have jumped on a stool, raised your skirt and thrown your purse
at it.

kulyon says:

you need to get a picture of what the centipede looks like

ColoradoCraig says:

I’m glad you didn’t shoot it with the .380. You would have just wounded it.

Kevin theTacDaddy says:

And I have a new shirt design…… Millipedes scare YM

ArmedCivilian556 says:

lol … TRUE YM!

jlrockafella says:

Shoot it ! XD

EviLNox8 says:

That was assault, not self defense.

Red1966 says:

lol they still make those?

KnifeTex says:

I’ve never seen such bravery.

Logan Waltz says:

Half of why we subscribed.

Grey Wolf Armory says:

Scorpions… Those are fun.

Dave Pierce says:

Now all the thugs know all they need is a hand full of bugs to rob you.

entropy11 says:

You’re gonna need a bigger boat.

Anthony Browning says:

I thought you were going to draw your revolver and prosecute that little
centipede with extreme prejudice for his trespass and disturbing your peace
(of mind). :)

Matt Burgess says:

U R A puss. Enough said.

Phauxtoe says:

“its Dangerous and it Bites, Son you go after it!”

Now that is Old School!

bots_n_science says:

Oh man, I needed that laugh so badly this morning.

edjrmorgan says:


Mike B says:

That’s me, but with spiders lol! I make my wife kill ’em. I’d rather have
dental work done without novocaine then to have a spider on me!

TheUSAforever1 says:

That would have been horrible if it would have gotten caught in your
crotchless thong. 

Adam Sprague says:

That was so traumatic that it gave me PTSD just by watching the video 

William Crane says:

Had a blue tailled Skink run over my nekked toes once, had the
heebeejeebees for a good half hour. Luckily I looked down and saw what it
was at it was leaving my feet, if it had been a snake or millipede I
probably wouldn’t have been here today.
I know the millipedes don’t bight, they’re just gross!

JB Offroad says:

Couple weeks ago doing laundry I saw a big ass wolf spider, being eaten by
a bigger ass Centipede in the basement.

On an unrelated note, if you’re ever in the NorthEast, you’re welcome to
come visit.

John Wizeman says:

The only good centipede is a dead centipede.

TheLonelyMarksman says:

Yankee, you’re my hero.

Eric Troili a.k.a. AirWreck says:

You throw like a girl..

whiskey5jda says:

Now that was funny

jpwhatayamean says:

Laughing so hard I will have to wash my panties twice on the same day. 

JustPeg says:

Ah a “mockumentary” about TheYankeeMarshall’s un-wavering courage. I love

ProSportsForums says:

When the Zombies come they will bring centipedes.

Adrian Fisher says:

Why didn’t you use a big sheet of paper to pick it up and then put it
outside safely?

smokeclouds8 says:

I had a spider run across my lips while sleeping, woke me right the
F*** up lol…
also had a leech in the web next to my big toe, yanked it out and the head
got stuck in there for a few days, disturding… and a big beatle bit my
web next to my big toe, ouch…also had some beatle or bug in my ear, look
that shit up, not pretty. mine was no where near as bad as some in videos
i’ve seen… mine came right out.
Yea insects love us, they can’t stay way…. something like 1,000,000/1
over us so we’re stuck with them. 

Paul Salmen says:

Google St. Croix Centipedes. I had to deal with those big bastards on a
daily basis while I lived on the Virgin Islands. It’s the reason I ended up
moving. I didn’t want my son getting attacked by them.


Now see if you would have bought the .357 LCR you would have had nothing to
be afraid of!

Zotzy says:

felt like I was watching a real time SEAL mission. lol

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