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A Message To My New Subscribers: Should Men Hit Women In Self-Defense?

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WickedDealer says:

Man, Woman, Over 18, Under 18, strike me you best be prepared to be Knocked The Fuck Out.

Ifan Beasley says:

katy perry- some men were created equal then some men were created women, to be gods, cos that's what this is, I just dunno where it comes from sometimes, don't even know if I am making any sense.

GamerNRetro says:

If I’m getting attacked, I don’t care who you are you getting rocked.

starbar says:

Yes.And make sure it's your best shot,so she sits on her arse for a while to think about equality.

alex Zero says:

just hit her back simple…………………:)

K893 893 says:

The best defense is a good offense.

Matt G says:

i remember that you shared my "trump supporters pushing back " video on my old hairless ape channel , and then it skyrocketed to 4 million views ! hairless ape channel is shut down but i have all videos i posted there so do you want the original video . ill put a message for you if you want. you made it famous! thank you brother

Justin Wargod says:

Sad news man,those are classic videos to.

joseane silva reis says:

"Self defense" has no gender

Tammy M says:

Don’t dish it if you can’t take it-equality all around.

Renegade MS says:

I feel offended because I've been your subscriber for a while now, heh. But yes, I want to see more of these videos!

Up your Religion says:

Every man is transgender so it is perfectly fine that’s my excuse anytime a woman starts a fight I may look like a man but I am not.

The Imperialist says:

Of course YouTube and Facebook will delete it seeing as they are now both run by delusional feminists

jap face says:

Women should be beaten the fuck up.

Non Sequitur says:

Yes!! Men should Hit Women!! Where it really Hurts!!
Save every nude pic or video she sends you. (Don't ever delete!)
And if she ever hits you more than once; or in public around people you know.
Walk away tell her: "Fuck this Shit I'm out of here!!"
Then release her nude pics and vids; to her male coworkers, her boss, even jobs she's applying for.
Everyone!! Spam them out to everyone that knows her; even the women that hate her.

IntrovertedE says:

Yes. Equality, bitch. That's how it works.

Stacked says:

Depends on level of violence,if she has a weapon or knows how to fight she will get punched,otherwise either restrained or slapped.

Raskolnikov says:

If a woman hits me she will get knocked the FUCK out.

Global Man says:

Men should hit women in the same circumstances men would hit men.

1. She hits him first.
2. He walks away from an argument and she follows him and will not back off.
3. She is trying to violate his rights such as stealing some of his property.

Those are all situations I would hit a man and I will damn well hit women in the same situation. It's called equality.

RazHuoy says:

Hell yeah…! Knock a bitch out! Just dodge and and yell with a punch! "Defense!" Like a karate movie. Asian approved!

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