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Compliance Can Be A Valid Strategy But Not Always

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Anthony G says:

You cant have a gun in Europe because of 1776

Brian Garcia says:

Wow rob a gas station and on your way out, why not a cop car? lol 😂

Anthony G says:

I tell you what. Those stupid gun laws in Europe make those cops useless. Those bitches would of had a better chance with a sandwich.

Cory turner says:

Polyester pileup 😂😂

Amato D'Apolito says:

HA!!!! I can't help but hear the Benny Hill theme song. Seriously, play it in the BG. Hilarious.

NK Community Patrol Watch says:

If you let that happen it’s time for sticking to parking tickets. Can’t even lock your doors and keep driving? Really? Wrong job, don’t care what gender.

dujfraz says:

My god. I'm glad I don't live in the UK.

Edge Snob says:

Guess those female cops didn't get the liberal media memo that "there is no biological difference between men and woman."

MrLimbei123 says:

I’m confused. In movies, a 90lb wahman can wham bam her way through dozens of 200lb men. Wahman power! How come it’s not like that in rl?

Arthur Clements says:

Is nobody going to state the obvious? Female officers are generally unable to fight men. In a country where almost all cops do not carry guns, hand fighting is even more important.

Mark Benn says:

Stepping in to help an officer that is attacked is a serious proposition. The soft criminals don’t attack police officers so you better be ready for a proper FIGHT.

However, if you’re ready the odds are on our side of coming out on top!

Christian Sams says:

Luckily the police officers are armed over there!

Oh wait.

Member 34 says:

Give the god damn UK police firearms.

Adam Pottmeyer says:

Bitches shouldn't be cops

Robert Evras says:

That is what happens when the armed bad guys know for certain that the good guys are week…why did that cop not shoot this dude when he hurts her partner…oh yah…no gun….stupidest thing I ever heard of in law enforcement.

Mr. Pseudos says:

Unpopular opinion: Why pair Females?

Copper Fronts says:

Women seriously shouldn't be cops because if you have to rely on criminals respecting authority it's going to end bad eventually.

Kenneth Davis says:

the driver should have just backed up,,,,,,,,, no more bad guy

Engine2Truck6 says:

Those girls should have been administering lead sleeping pills. Big mistake trying to fight off grown men. There is not a female ALIVE who is going to win against a grown man….. without the extra tools. Like bullets.

numarkaz says:

HAHA! That was a funny video!!!

limescale onetwo says:

no surprise that crooks don't respect the law in a place where cops aren't armed

conevin says:

Shit not saying she should of but she should of found his eye socket and let her nail and thumb up in there that woudla stopped em lol idk prolly harder then it seems

YoMomma says:

Fuck them, bunch of twats!

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