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Clerk Puts the Hurt on Robber

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Active Self Protection says:

Install Raid for Free IOS/ANDROID/PC: and get a special starter pack! Available only for the next 30 days.

jayjay nella says:

I suggest keeping a full container of insect spray behind the counter. That would make an effective method of defense.

Shelby Wolfe says:

Do you have a moment to talk about our Lord and Savior, Raid Shadow Legends?

John Johnnie says:

Dang John your paid adverts are getting loooooooong.

Joruh says:

You gotta fuck off with the raid shadow legends sponsor. “the mobile game i’ve played for the last year” my fucking ass john. bullshit sponsors that you don’t actually support is the type of shit that’s going to make the audience stop watching

Pilotemb gamers says:

The Raid shadow legends meme has returned! 🤣

terry willis says:

I always liked Batman. Robin, not so much.

Justin Pegues says:

Lmfao not raid shadow legends

Eric Bolton says:

When I saw "clerk puts the hurt"… I thought maybe we were about to see a robber get curb stomped. Oh well

lupe castillo says:

Getting paid can't be mad at you.

Josh Stumblingbear says:

Looks like the store my ex-wife worked at on the east side of okc I gave her OC spray her coworker used it on a guy and she was fired for bringing it to work 😂

Eyes wide open Are yours says:

I commend him but I'm not chasing for cigarettes

YPL Y.O. says:

If you try and rob with a melee weapon u might not want to be a scrawny little twig

R31 says:

Its your boy Raid Shadow Legends

Larry Rohatsch says:

Props to the clerk kicking some ass.

Noah Boyd says:

Adds like H&K and Raid Shadow Legions are very cringy coming from a respectable channel like ASP.

Spanky Harland says:

bats make lousy weapons. If I have to use one, it would be a very small little league bat that would be inserted into a nylon stocking.

Alan Shortt says:

He didn't put the hurt on anything he got put in a headlock random clickbait

Bamba Clart says:

Never thought I'd see a Raid shadow legends advert here XD

Mark B says:

Click bait tisk tisk

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