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Chintya Candranaya Simple Self Defense Part 2

Chintya Candranaya Simple Self Defense Part 2 my social media account FB : @chintya Candranaya Instagram : @chintyacandranaya business inquires : CP (anjar) +6281928001620 Manager click this link for watch Chintya Candranaya Self Defense Part 1 :


Sk Shafeek says:

Like a Indian lady 😀

Sk Shafeek says:

Wow 😯
You look so cute in this dress 👍

Dewan Setiawan says:


juragan kates says:

Hello chintya…… How are you? I hope you always in a best healty.

Hidayat Khan says:

very good video

Josue Duarte says:

Why you dont compite on ufc sports

TheTmnt1fan says:

You are amazingly beautiful

John Amable says:

It really works for a woman or girl if she had the strength, but to acquire that strength. Practice,Training and Exercise to achive that level of power. I mean ordinary girl has no power to do that.
Girls/Woman needs to learn Silat or MMA and train like a men to obtain power.
You can't knock anyone off. Without proper Training.

3TE says:

Love watching you move *

Phap Eric says:

hello chintya you are a number one girl in fighter and you are very nice laidie in indonesia i like yours videos every days bye sweet chintya

Carlos Kilgore says:


rhasheed Sydney says:

for me ryt now, i dont mind ur martial art,, seeing you smile makes my heart beat faster,,😍😍🤒😘😘😘, always be my idol & Crush 😗😙😚😘, godbless you all day all night' & evry second godbless you,,

Luis Alfredo Sanchez says:

Cynthia i love you🌻

Fajri Al says:

Di menit 0:34 nyari sensasi tapi kgak ada yg peduli dang ngiliaatin 😎😎😎😎😎😎🖕🖕🖕🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

salvarsal says:

@Chintya Candranaya : can you demonstrate to use teeth in self defense?

Hello says:

looks big today

Mahabala Gowda says:

Hello I love u

Wanda Lsm says:

Kak mending buat prank kak berantem di jalan lihat reaksi orang pasti seru bantu like agar di buat

Hasan Sumon says:

Assalamu Alaikum. hi cynthia , apa khabar dong?i am your big fan. kamu cantik bangket dong. i love you.

Karim Abdul says:

Mohon maaf bolehkah saya ikut belajar beladiri sama anda?

哈姆扎 哈姆扎 says:

Good moves and beautiful a dress and shos

man fair says:

Very good)1000

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