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BEST WAY to Defend Against Multiple Attackers in a Street Fight. This week we learn how to read the SIGNALS of Violent ACTION in Self Defence situations. Part of our series on understanding body language in street fights we look at READING and UNDERSTANDING what TRIGGERS attacks in street fights. Psychology in action, applied to self defence. We teach some simple self defence techniques learnt from this case study. Especially in a confined space. 3 on 1 TEACHES Defence Against Multiple Attackers in SELF DEFENCE Also watch: When ALPHA EGO Loses COOL… What TRIGGERS Street Fights? About Us ELEVATING YOUR FIGHT IQ: Videos blending Martial Arts, Crime Science, and Psychology. Presented by Dr Mark Phillips Criminal Psychologist, High Risk Security Consultant, Martial Arts and Defensive Skills Instructor. An expert in Violent Organised Crime, Hostage Taking, and Offender Profiling. Martial arts experience includes Wing Chun, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Wrestling, Boxing, San Da Kickboxing, and MMA. No Nonsense Self Defence Tips & Tricks. Making you PREPARED STRONG CAPABLE! Topics Covered: Coping with Violent Criminal Behaviour, Self Defence Techniques, Street Fighting Tips, Mindset Preparation, as well as general tips on how to defend yourself. Simple Martial Arts training with easy to follow ideas. Weekly Self Defence and Martial Arts video releases every Wednesday. SUBSCRIBE FOR OTHER VIDEO TIPS AND NEWS! VISIT LONDON WING CHUN ACADEMY FOR MORE TIPS CONNECT WITH US! Instagram ► Google+ ► Facebook ► Twitter ► LondonWingChunAcademy ►


Matt L says:

Shown this clip during class. THIS BOI VICIOUS

Bilal Pazarevic says:

1 Peaceful Local Russian.
3 migrants who think they entitled.

Stef Stef says:

blond guy is the aggressor. i dont care what the discussion was about, one of the three even hold his buddy back.
blondie could have just leave like a boss.

Din Djarin says:

I thought the blonde guy was the aggressor. Maybe being racist to the other three men. I know I'm assuming. We can't hear what there saying, so we haven't got ta clue. However, very good points on this subject. Especially on the door way. In the Army we know that a the "fatal funnel".

Jose Felix says:

Brilliant! Brilliant! D: love the ambush

Nicolas Lucena says:

Hey Sifu. How is it going? Listen, in the hypothetical scenario of having an aggressor in a chokehold, do you know if there is any way to know when to release the person as to not inflict permanent damage or death? If there are any signs we must pay attention to? Thank you.

Carl Craven says:

This like when they tried to burgled that Asian guys house he fought them clever.

Verse Wonder says:

The number 1 rule of fighting YOU HAVE TO WANT TO FIGHT. I only saw one person who wanted to fight in that elevator.

Clown Shogun says:

This video is the most common 1v3 in the internet history

Edgardo Maldonado says:

Deberia irse a ganar dinero en los ufc con un buen gym y diferentes diciplinas

Edgardo Maldonado says:

Diablo que macho

Stella Kintara says:

When i was younger my brother gave me some advice that has stuck with me. "It does not matter how hard you think you are, there is ALWAYS someone harder than yourself". (Bruce Lee being the exception rather than the rule)

Chance Webb says:

He may have been the aggressor but for a good reason the guy in the hat got pushed back by his friend in the beginning because he was leaning into the fight preparing to swing. He’s in some kind of argument clearly with his only exit being blocked by three people. As he is walking out of the door you can tell the first guy that got hit said something and then all three made a move to follow him out. Your friends know you best he got pushed back because he was about to fight they also kept reaching across his body and face I would’ve been expecting a sucker punch the whole time.

little special child says:

used that bottleneck like leonidas

Massy Azoug says:

I hope one day i could go in your club and train with you.

alex robert says:

Teori vs reality

Tomahawk says:

You probably already read my mind, but this looks like Thermopylae when he throw his punch from outside the elevator: Thermopylae is where the Spartans funneled the Persian army into which bottlednecked their forces, and the Persians numbers counted for nothing. Those guys did not look big, scary, or athletic and that guy threw a punch when the other guys weren’t aggressive

Cash Leach says:

If I had some guy acting like he was going to punch me in an elevator as soon as the door opened I would have ran out to get space to fight. Why did those 3 just stand there when the door opened? They must said something to piss that white dude off.

Tomas Valderrama says:

This video is amazing. Making someone becoming confident to defend ourselves is important even during COVID 19 social distancing.

HorizonPopming says:

For now my special move is called social distancing

The Pammachion Project says:

Beginning of the video i'm thinking "why don't the other 2 people close to the camera pay any attention to the confrontation? Hey they look just like the other guys, i bet they're friends". shm

Akash Singh says:

Which is the best place to attack a opponent so as to end the fights quickly and do minimal damage to opponent? I don't want him dead and also not in a state which gets me in a police case.

Panna Islam says:

Hey Mark,how do I fight in a dark area obviously in our country when we go outside at night,it's very dark so how do I fight or defend myself in a dark area?

Brian Allen says:

Great points about situational awareness Dr Phillips. Just take note when you are out in public how oblivious danger people are. Looking at the phone, daydreaming there is danger all around us. 33 years as a cop has taught me this. We should always be at the very least in "condition yellow" when out in public. In a mere 4:25 you nailed it sir.

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