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Chintya Candranaya Self Defense Weapon KARAMBIT

My social media account FB : @Chintya Candranaya Instagram : @chintyacandranaya business inquires : CP (anjar) +6281928001620 Manage by manager email : [email protected]


Kilian Ruvalcaba says:

amazing ❤️

kent 59 says:

carambit магет!

Richard Arena says:

That's not self defense. That's murder. No different than someone with a gun who shoots you from 10ft away.

Myrna Badong says:

I like your speed

version 2 says:

I think you're not a Muslim.
i will kill you where i found you.
Your silat can't do nothing to me.
Stupid girl

Khair Alqadr says:

Tolong subcribe chanel youtube kami yaaa lurr MERANTAU22…

Michael Lopez says:

Ca va toi super très beau cet incroyable belle🌹🌹🌹❤️❤️❤️🥀🥀🥀🥀🥀😍

jack han says:

kalo ikut MMA atau UFC auto menang ini…

Justin Jose says:

But only the fact is that if someone decided to kill her, there is no martial arts can help her to survive that situation.

Ari Cilok says:

Di jakarta ga ad ya buat ikut latihan PS harimau utara😊

Steven Troy says:

Impressive Chintya! You are very fast with the Karambit knifes & have perfect control at high speed. I think I have to get me 2 of those knifes & start practicing myself!

Jose Rosa says:

Voce é linda gata

Damian Marques Quadrado says:

Ágio demais… Fantástico!

el pablo says:

Diablos, mujer tu eres una maquina ..x Dios

Altair Mendes says:

Olha aí a Bruce linda praicante de Kali artes marciais com armas valeu você e do clã dos ninjas Ninjutsu

Silfa Alfiani says:

Aduh si eneng ulah sadis, eta karunya si akangna

Rick Hero says:

Lovely video! You are my favorite ^^

miền tây quê tôi says:

Chị qua Việt nam đóng phim hành động của chị NTV chất phim hay lắm.chi NTV Việt nam của e.cung có nét mặt giống chị lắm đó.bộ phim chị mới ra mắt là bộ phim
(hai phượng) danh thu cũng khủng lắm đó chị.

JD Revenge says:

Bad mamma JAMA 4 Sho

James Herring says:

Hey sister😎 keep em' coming baby, your stuff is amazing!!!! I hope to find a pendakar of any type of silat cats whom generate the power and attitude you do!! Happiness, respect, and focused religion……. – Jimmy Herring🙅😁

MJRIDS says:

If her face gets cut I'll cry.


Hati-hati kak cantik 😊

Nacho Iza says:

Chintya, nice red pants. 😁👍

kovacs zoltan says:

very fast and impressive. what i don't understand is the inward turnings, especially in the case of straight punches, wouldn't turning outward be more reasonable?

Zer0 Gravity says:

Yeah… but can she chop up a 'chef' salad for me or slice me up a tomato sandwich?🤔🥗🔪😂

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