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Chinese Female Police Officer Teaches Epic Self-Defense Bullshido

Women’s Self Defense is an industry filled with not-so-great advice and mentors. This female police officer from China that I stumbled on in my YouTube browsing gave me a lot of things to discuss and analyze. I hope you enjoy my breakdown and also like my little clip of Ramsey Dewey testing a similar technique that I included for educational purposes. Either way, go learn judo and boxing etc. It’ll benefit you much more, I promise. Leave your comments below and let us know what you think! Support Fight Commentary Breakdowns on Patreon or Paypal: Check out the storefront for Fight Commentary Breakdowns related equipment: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Follow #fightcommentarybreakdowns on social media and send us clips, thoughts, rants etc: Rob Watt’s YouTube channel: Jason Pelsey’s channel: Hank Watt’s channel: Nature’s Wild Berry channel: TFC’s YouTube channel: Grappz channel: Streetbeefs channel: Trevor Smith’s Instagram: Rustic B’s channel: Adam EX’s channel: Dr. Andrew Hill’s Twitter: Subscribe for more #martialarts and #chinesemartialarts! Royalty-free music from YouTube Audio Library:


dimitri astier says:

Lol of course it's bullshido

ABC English says:

She looks cool

Dan Iacobescu says:

Absolutely every single self defense technique taught to women in self defense classes is pure crap. None of it works even for a guy let alone a woman. The best defense for a woman is DON'T GET YOURSELF INTO SITUATIONS AND PLACE WHERE YOU CAN GET HURT. And if you must go to a place you could get into trouble, like a bad neighborhood, then always bring a weapon with you. A gun, a knife or at least a teaser. A weapon is a woman's best self defense tool. Actually, it's THE ONLY self defense tool a woman can rely on. All the physical techniques they are taught at the "self defense" classes are pure crap. And those who teach such crap are nothing more than cons who only care about taking gullible people's money.

Mikee says:

Most things that come from China is bullshido.

Yanuario Arias says:

definitely bullshito, wont work on any real ataker.

程玉強 says:

its not easy to locate the balls when the attacker is behind you, if the attacker is tall, his balls may be behind your back which makes it impossible to grab. the best way is always headbutt against his face

Patrick S says:

Fight like a wolf, breaking fingers has been around since pankration days. A dog will go for the throat, a wolf will go for extermities, defang the snake.

Smoofyful says:

The grab the finger is efficient. The rest no, it seems that they base most there defenses on techniques from movies. Stomping the foot, especially from behind doesn't do much. Attacking the balls is overated. In practice I've been punched and kicked and it barely stopped me. You don't collapse on the floor like in movies. Try that with Alfonso Mollestro on adrenaline.

Why is it so hard to understand that you defend by grabbing the arms and working yourself out of the hold. You can't generate strenght without space. Combat sports still have tools that are useful, of course you don't go to the ground but basic principles carry over.

Camren Davis says:

She can grab my balls all day long 👍

OS. Temli says:

Yea ur right

Sud says:

3:123:22 might save your life one day, i've seen so many people get smashed out on the road because they thought scratching/biting/poking would get them out of a bad spot lol

Mpadilla949 says:

There’s a reason small joint manipulation is illegal in unified MMA rules.

Lee curly says: check out choy lay fut

Moz says:

The only good advice here is DO SOMETHING ! don't go willingly. Scream kick wriggle, Anything !!!

Dextruider says:

Peeling off the fingers is better
than stomping the foot or grabbing the balls.
Peel the finger off then escape.

Grabbings the balls can make the guy irritated and will decide to hit you instead of control you.

C. Kyle says:

The balls techniqe does work. If he graps you and your hands are trapped too, you can just move your hip to the side like you are dancing and reach back where your hips used to be. From there you will directly reach his balls. The you can grap them and tear them out or whatever.
If he bearhugs you and just hugs your torso you can hit the opponents back of the hand with your knuckles and rub in the direction of the fingers. If you are to weak, you can apply pressure with you second hand too. He will release you because it fucking hurts and then you can do as you want. I prefer turning around with a spinning elbow.

Andrew Ferris says:

Sometimes you need to perform small joint manipulation in order to get out of an inferior position tho', the truth of the matter is that when they've secured a dominant position over you anything that you're going to be able to try is very low%. It's an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure problem, and most of the striking methods to break the lock are generally intended to be performed before the lock is closed and not after because they rely on the intermediary space of the grab. Ideally the entire situation is avoided by developing better situational awareness and reaction speed, instead of accepting the work case scenario and hoping they make a mistake.

Papai_AtDusk says:

Grabbing the balls would be kinda pleasing for that person…and imagine someone holding you tightly and you are trying to find his balls to grab… awkward af…

mikeyjames1000 says:

If she tries to rape me then grabs me from behind im going to punch her hole so hard im going to break her womb. 👌🤛

David Dollinss says:

The finger grab would have probably worked. Though not best method

Ner' Zhul says:

Only person going to grab you like that is, security, cops or boyfriend to restrain you, a real attack you're getting grabbed by the hair/head and either dragged, punched/stabbed or thrown straight to the ground no time for any of this crap, situational awareness is a much better thing to train in

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