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Chicago MetroPCS Robber Gets Instant Justice

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glennhaggis says:

Keystone Cops. Perp made it easy but don’t understand good weapon discipline.

Isidro Cazarez says:

Hahaha stupid bitch 😁😆

Parm Mohan says:

In these situations, the authorities were so nice. In other countries they would have taught him a physical lesson he would wear for the rest of his life.

mpa324 says:

Donut shop must have been next door, that was a pretty fast response, and coincidentally a bunch of cops were on the way to the same donut shop.

Bob Seger says:

I can assure you …(100%) The perp was wanting to rush the (first) officer if he didn't have a partner… You watch the hesitation in the perp's physical actions… He knows the drill to lay down … but he was wanting to make a move… Watch it'll see!

Unknōwn User says:

"I know everybody's scared right now". People watching this 5 years from now might not know what you're talking about. It might have been better if you mentioned "Coronavirus".

Alan Davies says:

In this episode: armed robber nearly murdered by blood thirsty gang members!

P Ski says:

Covid19: stay at home, avoid large groups.
Chicago PD:

GameFuMaster says:

Did the whole police department need to show up to one arrest?

Bobby Auvil says:

Thank you, John, for being a level-headed leader that speaks moral truth from a position of humility and compassion.

FlawdaBoy 561 says:

Lol i thought the Blue case of ammo was a 12 Pack of Bud Light Beer

gary rendano says:

cops are hungry to put some lead into someone.. anyone..

knowspin says:

Just one nice hard kick to the nuts 🥜 please…

Doug Wolfe says:

Hi – I believe this was part of a police sting in about August 2019.

Evan Harland says:

2:51 perfect song lyric!

Mike H says:

Chicago? I thought this was downtown Mexico City! WTF?

Ree McLaughlin says:

I love him laying on the floor with cops walking all around him.

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