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Carjacking Turned Kidnapping Attempt Gets Scary Fast

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@kingg7457 says:

Ppl at least try to be sure no vehicles are behind you when you enter your street. Sheesh man.

@thunderson1885 says:

Never let someone take you to a second location, it doesn't matter if you get injured in the process, lots of uber drivers or anyone really get robbed and kidnapped and never appear again or are found dead, They either want more money or are just going to get rid of the only witness and i'm not going to find that out when they can easily do both at the same time.

@coolk9dogs says:

Try take my stuff you going into a forever box lol

@Dan.50 says:

Keep in mind that the US media love victims that don't or can't fight back.

@godsforces1776 says:

All because the Traitor Mandela

Destroyed the beautiful country

@elpapi4899 says:

SA is on a whole different level pertaining to crime.

@apolitis1 says:

Sheep mentality at it's finest

@kawaiiduck5924 says:

Years ago I borrowed my friends flashy mustang. I noticed a car was tailgating me then a dash mounted blue light flipped on. But the headlights were too narrow to be your typical cop car. So I pulled into my long driveway the fake cop parked at the curb and sat there deciding go or no go. Then the houses automatic flood light flipped on and the fake cop raced off. I think my cars limo tint helped too, fake cop didn’t know if 4 armed guys were sitting in there waiting for him.

@seanyd5698 says:

"Trips over the curb thats an interesting choice"…. i dont think he "chose" to trip over the curb.

@joshthestampede87 says:

That guy should buy a Prius

@jacobhill4632 says:

John have you ever covered the 2012 hustle mart murders, very unfortunate event

@lavish4608 says:

Hijacking at it's peak 🇿🇦

@simonmadileng5486 says:

I swear he is not a regular viewer of ASP videos. There's so much we Learn on this platform.

@gilbertrtf2195 says:

If you are going home and a car is behind you it’s just a habit to drive around the block and then make sure you weren’t followed. Just a thing I do all the time

@thenextchapter3615 says:

The driver of the mustang is a female not a guy

@dihskursiv says:

How can people be so oblivious?

@markgoostree6334 says:

Never had to deal with this… this needs to turn ugly quick.

@MrJayrock620 says:

Dude missed an opportunity to make a carjacker sandwich when he jumped out of the car behind him

@martyjohnson4833 says:

Pronounced. Rhoo dee poort

@scottmcmurtray4998 says:

He’s a rich guy living in a crime ridden country. He should know better. Should be armed and aware of his surroundings at all times. He got lucky.

@Cryptocurrbit says:

a right hand drive mustang? must be mirrored

@johnwool says:

Johannesburg; carjacking capital of the world.

@jamiebeverley9705 says:

Watching from Australia, here the best we have is submit, hand over the car, and call 000 "911" because the option of carrying a gun on your person is illegal, and caught with an illegal firearm means jail. What do you suggest we do in situations like this ???

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