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Carjackers No Match For Prepared Defender

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@Yelo_54 says:

John just casually and professionally letting it be known that he got bodies out here🤣💀

@stayfittedclothingco says:

What time does the Sphere Fireworks Start?

@salvatorecallace8452 says:

great aim nd very calm nd collective

@WavyChiWolf says:

He more than likely told his wife to stay in the car which is why she never got out

@lilmax2fly858 says:

Youtube trying to sensor everything. Straight up communist company. They should never call them selfs americans.

@Wormanatti says:


@talega1 says:

one handed snubbie

@jesseseidel294 says:

Asphalt temperature challenge! Hahah omg Adam. You are creative. Awesome work. Keep it up.

@DrewC-ez1fj says:

Wow! With a revolver too!

John that’s messed up that YouTube gave your channel a strike.

@endlessopenroad says:

So you are qualified to be an expert based on a bunch of courses? I’m wondering if you have ever shot a man.

@basedeal says:

Buenos Aires? Isn’t that the city the bugs destroyed with an asteroid in starship troopers? 😅

@chuckv5150 says:

Wtf does he expect the woman to do? She’s doing exactly what she is supposed to do. Sit there and don’t get in the way or get killed!!

@Lowerbama251 says:

Youtube is starting to become trash.. they let some of the most repulsive and ridiculous stuff on but they flag actual educational videos that are useful 😑

@thelastcuckbender2621 says:

Fuck YouTube

@zSTEEZzY says:

Yo that man is a BEAST. One handed, couldn't care less LMAO!

@Filmpilot says:

I’ll guarantee you if you’re getting strikes on your channel it’s from some liberal bullshit. They would be the first to threaten you behind the keyboard, but in person would never show up. That’s just the personality trait disorder that affects them.

@Johnny-xj5qu says:

Just think, all you had to do was allow this man to go home peacefully like he deserved, and you’d still be alive.

@Kbfan43 says:

Fuck YouTube

@GunstockBayA90 says:

People tell me i get biiter quick. Its because society holds me to a standard. The standard increases with status. John, you have put yourself in a High Status position. This means, you cant fault a Paki w only 6 rounds in the mag, Who saved the day. And faulting this guy w six shooter, for saving the day. You freaking run what you brung. Not everyone wants a glock switch & 3 drums. JFC get it together up there.

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