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Car Jacking Fails . Self Defense . Victims Fight Back #9



Like b it den voters, want to take what is not theirs

mark cook says:

BLM must be so proud!

Borderline Alcoholic says:

Obviously, in the moment, we naturally want to escape these people, but I really wish some of them would put the vehicle in D instead of R. Can you imagine the unadulterated joy of feeling the bump as you drive over them, before making the correct decision to reverse over them.

mike young says:

Attempted car hijack : motorists should always attempt to hurt , injure or kill the criminals . The authorities should then pay them "prize" money

Yaris Cam says:

Don't know of I should laugh or cry 🤔 crimanals with No Shame. Good for the victims I guess 😎

johnny lightning says:

They got guns…you get guns.
Start packing, people.

Baby Toshiro says:

In video#4 did the guy just get out his car? And then run away even when the other guy helped him?🤷‍♂

John Benoit says:

Why I carry

Cassidy Jonson says:

When the carjacking were trying to open the back doors I wish I was in a car behind them I would have smashed their ass into the white truck! Dang!!!

John Benoit says:

Run them over and over

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