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California Clerk Wins Against Three Robbers

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Thomas Merc says:

Good shot Tex.

Xs7ayerX r says:

Damn he shot that guy stupid


There was something oddly satisfying about watching the one thug writhe on the floor like a maggot, knowing he's dying haha!

Buddy Lee says:

Love watchin ol boy squirm!

J H says:

At 0:33 I like to imagine this is what the clerk says………

(well the first 3 seconds of this video but I couldn’t find a shorter version.)

ryfish5 says:

Yesterday's idiot took 7 rounds and ran away and lived. Today's idiot took one round and lights out.

Pizza Chan says:

Do the U.S jewelry store heist!

Casey Locke says:

3:16 – I think John is doing some back-masking subliminal sounds here. 😉 "Thug is a dead man. Hit him, hit him!"

Slimchester 79 says:

Will the clerk be in trouble legally for carrying a firearm? Provided it's true that it's legal over there?

Anthony G says:

lucky for the clerk the other two shit bags were cowards

Jonathan The Zombie says:

Sheriff Donny Youngblood is one of the few Sheriff’s in California who will almost always issue a permit. Unfortunately, their rules are more restrictive than any free state, but Kern county has a high amount of CCW holders.

Victor De Leon says:

He tried to shake it off Taylor Swift style lol

Ben Stankiewicz says:

this reminds me of a policy enacted in communist run philadelphia pennsylvania. the city council and commie mayor jim kenny pronounced that bullet proof glass used by retailers to separate clerks from customers was racist, and the glass was to be removed. some commie wacko named cindy bass of city council created a bill back in december 2017 to stop philly restaurants, bodegas, beer stores, from the "racist" practice of using plexiglass shields..well, i suppose the smelly commie bass, never has looked down a barrel pointed at her face and memorized the rifling, has she?

Matias Gutierrez says:

Clearly all melinials pants down around there ass hope they learned from the death of the homie

Eric Ling says:

That idiot on the floor is in their death throes. Hope the clerk doesn't get ptsd from that, not something they deserve on their conscience.

ghostmanromeo uk says:

Man I'm lucky, I've never had to encounter sh***y people like these perps. There are a heck of alot bad bad people in this world. It's almost always greed or envy behind it. John-o's the man 👍

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