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Brutal Subway Altercation Does Not End Well

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Robbie Ezc says:

To everyone saying he was defending herself, she didn't take the precautions to defend herself like an American citizen should. She disengaged an INACTIVE threat to get a knife, and then attack (attacking is what the other woman did if you havent noticed. (2 wrongs don't make the second right.)
She didn't try to remove herself from the threat, and avoid the confrontation at all, the ONLY time she disengaged an INACTIVE threat (the attacker was no longer attacking) was to get a knife.

So her true intentions were to attack, not to defend.

S&W Shield 9mm Love says:

It’s crazy how people just look and just keep walking like no big deal.

Khal Drogo BR says:

Self defense. Fuck the fat one, she started it. Make the skinny one make anger therapy and thats it.

dreamingcode says:

Black people hate each other. The fat one was the aggressor could have walked away. Slice and dice stood her ground. Only reason the fat one let go her hair is because she was dispatched successfully.

Al Mol says:

And bystanders everywhere, the age of cowardice!

Teck Rylee says:

So all of you are saying this girl should have ran she got maced in the face at point-blank from behind for all you know she couldn't see she didn't know where she was turns around and sees a girl twice her size attacking her now how do you know if she was running away that this big ass woman wouldn't run up house her get her on the ground and just stomp her out she was completely in her rights to defend herself and to stop the threat John you're 100% wrong on this one

TonyTube407 says:

Wow, this is a tough one. I can see why she was charged with murder, but would prefer to see the charges reduced or dropped altogether once she has her day in court. I can't say I would have done the same thing given what I can see from the video, but sometimes things appear differently in person in the split-second moment and without the luxury of reviewing the video after-the-fact from the comfort of a chair.

Randall Burkhart says:

Self defense

Howtoyeet says:

Pepper to a knife fight

Robinson Mertilus says:

Sad. It does appear to be self defense though. Pepper spray could have been the start of a major beat down or worse. No time to figure that out.

Real Name says:

Damn that bitch is disgusting, good riddance.


And she probably getting charged cause she didn’t say the right words in statement to police which should of said was “ I was afraid for my life, she attacked me and I defended myself cause I was in threat of my life . She kept coming at me and had hold of me. “
Then I need a lawyer !!

Robert Edwards says:

Reasonable. Pepperspraying someone is not deadly force. With the use of a knife or gun is to prevent bodily harm. Someone beating you up is just someone beating you up.

Jeffrey Morris says:

The defender may well plead self defence via a lawyer, because of the attacker's continuing malice, with intent to sustain harm to the defender, who was clearly traumatized. Could this be a no-charges outcome?

Amanda Wilcox says:

I get that it's against the law in this situation. However in my opinion I don't agree with it she should not face charges for someone coming up and spray and pepper spray whether the pepper spray was strong enough or not. However even after the woman pulled the knife out the big girl still continue to come towards her. What an idiot.


Soo if you on your phone minding your business then get attacked and sprayed .. what you going to think this bitch goin to kill me fuck you if you don’t see self defense seem she was minding her business then get attack and god is fake oxymoron

Legendary tv says:



Joe Carey says:

Self defense all the way!

Ritchie Baxter says:

I've no sympathy for these 2 fools. Live by the sword, die by the sword.
One just had a better force multiplayer then the other. Clearly not law binding citizens carrying them tools.


Bullshit why she spray she was on phone she was big lady coming at her your bullshit here for real

Richard England says:

Sorry John, this is the only time I have to disagree with you. If you think this is "murder" you live in New York City not in America.
The gal with the Brown shirt had a medium distance tool and was going to use it again when the White shirt gal put her short range tool into the fight. I did not see any evidence that Brown shirt was going to back down, instead, she was waiting for White shirt to become incapacitated from the OC spray to bash her head in. This was not either gals first rodeo, White shirt responded appropriately, just not for judicial in NYC.

fixer upper says:

The big girl started it, the skinny girl finished it and taxpayers are paying for it…no winners here.

Jason says:

Lol charged with murder? Fuckin New York is pro criminal dude remind me to never visit that shit hole

DougE says:

If a cop got peppersprayed from behind the attacker would be killed.
Why is a citizens life less valuable?
If this woman's vision was impaired from the spray then shes probably expecting the situation to be more serious than we can say after the fact.
Prove that the victims vision was not impaired and she was in no pain. Also prove she knew what weapons and intentions the attacker did or did not have.

Fizzy_B says:

Stupid bitches


Self defense

I wanna Fuck Ivanka says:

Looks like she found what she was looking for, smh sad.

Bold Carry says:

Say someone grabs you from behind, smacks you in the face, and places a handcuff around your left hand. You break away momentarily, retrieve your knife, and realize they have not gone away, in fact, they have closed the distance to put the handcuff on your right hand as well. Knowing you will be utterly defenseless in a few moments, do you attempt to flee in a crowded subway or defend yourself.

In my opinion she was facing a reasonable deadly threat due to the debilitating effects of pepper spray and the fact the threat had not left the immediate vicinity. And she stopped using deadly force when the threat finally decided to leave. Justified in my book.

Not saying the law is in her favor by any means. Unfortunately, she will be convicted.

tek 818 says:

Why didnt they blur 2pacs face too

Al Smith says:

She got what she ask for you play stupid games you a get stupid prize The End!

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