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Brazilian Off Duty Steps Into Third Party Encounter

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Chew Lew says:

This page would not exist if it wasn’t for off duty police in Brazil 🤣

Ken Xiong says:

Damn criminals sure taking the room temp challenge often in Brazil lol

God's Forces on Earth says:

John , how about let you do it 。。。

Ivan Josipovic says:

Maggots happiness.

Clear sky Over the lake says:

Touch it and die Scum!

greekatso says:

Good riddance perp

T. Blueman says:

Welp, this just recreated the scene of Han Solo not shooting first at close range and still winning.

CauseImFlawless says:

to be given a chance to live and not take it wow

Shoeb Shaikh says:

Wtf is the room temprature challenge?

judsonkr says:

In Brazil you are either a motorcycle rider or an off-duty cop.

Anas Kahlid says:

0:22 that look on his face though 😂❤

Jason Denney says:

Awesome video

TheMYUZ3 says:

Everyone in Brazil is either a cop or off duty cop or a criminal Haha.

Jam Isaq says:

I just sometimes wonder how the heck John reads all comments, he seems to read them all though. Regards from Mogadishu John.

Rafael Perez says:

It always seems to be a off duty cop…🤔 i guess only in Brazil

Awaken To Life says:

Cop did a good job overall… should have fired as soon as guy reached for gun but glad he had the awafensss go stop shooting once threat dond

Awaken To Life says:

Let’s be honest, 75% of people who watch ASP just want to watch some crazy shootout vids.

johnny grace says:

Room temperature challenge!! 5555

Aaron madazz Morgan says:

Haha- Nelson muntz

john S says:

What a shame the criminal passed away…..

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