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Brazilian Defender Stops Thieves From Taking His Car | Active Self Protection

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rmwtsou says:

When in Brazil, whenever you see 2 guys wearing helmets on a motorcycle, you start drawing your gun.

Lari Emanuel says:

Man… I was robbed at gunpoint yesterday. After working the super cross event in Oakland California. Disappointed in my self for not being more aware. I was walking over a canal bridge heading toward the the train to catch home and 2 black and 1 white kid were walking my direction. Once I got within ten feet of them one of the black kids drew what looked to me like a .45 he then racked it and they all rushed toward me. I just put my hands up because I knew what was happening he put the gun to my temple and then to my jugular he told me not to look up and I did exactly that. They then stripped me for my wallet with 200+ dollars I just made from the event a sweater that I bought, my phone I.d cards and all. They told me to get going and as they were running away one of them punched the fuck out of my in my eye. reported to police but that shits gone. Just glad to be alive you can replace materials you can't replace your life. I got home and held my wife and 15 Month old son all night and was really emotional about my family and how close I came to not being able to be with my son and watch him grow into a man.

Manny Lugz says:

Perp thought they will hit a jackpot with a car. He wins a one way ticket to hell instead.

Fadebola says:

in that country you're either an off duty cop,a victim or a criminal
and in almost all situations, at least one of those three gets lit up badly

outlawjjwales says:

It always amazes me how people in the USA trash our police if only they spent sometime in some of these third world countries where just chilling in your car will likely get you shot.


So, this may be in brazil, therefore, he's a cop?

Donnie Darko says:

"you guessed it"

Tugis Art Studio says:

This looks like a bait (by the off duty Brazilian police officer)

VitoG99 says:

2 scumbags ride in, 1 rides out. Always a good outcome

Shawn East says:

Jacker gets jacked, film at 11. Well done officer!!!

bibi green says:

I feel you covered this one before!

gomcse says:

John, it looks like the kick to the head was just to make sure the guy wasn't playing opossum. With the helmet on, I don't think it was a big deal…much like pushing a torso with a foot.

Blue Marlin says:

Time for Dean Martin "Ain't That a Kick in the Head"

Adrian Kwamena Ackon says:

See two guys on a motorcycle in Brazil… Begin self defense preparation

supersabrejet says:

This video is like 4 years old

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