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Border Guard Stabbed In Jerusalem

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chinh101 says:

Ancient stone is pretty cold, that challenge is pretty tough to do.

Vladimir Putin says:

Love the guy’s genuine request to quit the political BS. We need more people like this who aren’t afraid of their genuine thoughts, instead of brainwash selling to the majority customer basis like the big corporations.

Ali Yousef says:

that guy who stabbed the terrorsit israeli soldier probably lost his entire family to israeli oppression. unsubscribed from your channel.

Tough Guy says:

Better stfu John you're just a funny clown delivering stupid knowledge of self defense.

Toby Beggs says:

“The ancient stones of Jerusalem challenge” lmao

Kevin Seyffert says:

I did military service and we patrolled a border under orders to have an empty magazine in the gun!

EL EVO says:

I would of emptied the clip on him and said my finger got jammed, several times as I tried to remove it 🤷🏻‍♂️

Aj T says:


David S. says:

Very informative stuff, John. Thanks for another great lesson and all the reminders. I struggle with situational awareness. I never heard of "eyes, hands, waist" before. That seems easy enough to practice, and I will be from now on.

Krispitoes says:

Why did the other three guards with weapons takeoff also

Michael Henson says:

God Bless you thanks for sharing that was hard to see coming!

David Allen says:

Its Truly is Gods country.
Our Saviour was born there. I may feel the age old strife but would never bad mouth it.
Thanks for all you do on the channel sir.

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