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BJJ Self Defense Lesson 5: Headlock Defense

BJJ Headlock Defense (more at


lllChokelll says:

Just choke him unconscious. Crackheads have no feeling, but they have
blood. Sweet crack laced blood.

bornfedslaughter says:

No one cares about every anti-bjj youtubers “what if” scenarios. shut up

BandakaKush says:

I don’t know how many times I have seen someone throw a headlock out of
desperaton in a street fight. Ground fighting is the reality of fighting

anubi1983 says:

1:21 finger into eyes, the fight end! If you are a professional fighter u
win the fight but personal defense it’s another thing. sorry for my english

skinheadkyle says:

Remember: if you’re in a confrontation with Tyrone Biggums, he will not
feel his arm break.

cocotiger77 says:

He neither suggests fighting on the street nor fighting multiple opponents.
Furthermore, demonstration of a way to defend yourself isn’t sufficient to
say that he doesn’t know the difference between sport and self defense.
It’s funny really, real martial artists are humble; it’s the result of
continual loss to better fighters. IMO you aren’t humble therefore you
aren’t a legit martial artist — all talk and no walk. Same BS talk from
another “traditional practictioner” who’d get his ass kicked.

steve stoner says:

you guys are great, im a rookie and im glad you guys are putting these free
videos up, now if i had someone to practice with lol thanks guys you fukin

Hamza Ayaz says:

Thank you!

IveGotTheNuts says:

Ilike the low level comment about punching the guy. But where i come from
if you wanna fight some you have to leave the bar. And it always goes one
vs one till someone is knocked out says GIVE. Then usually they walk back
inside and have a beer together. Pecking order sorted no more beef. Ive
seen many the good scrap end in high fives and more beers. And the owners
never call the cops and no one ever steps outta line. Its a crazy but safe
place to party. Just mind your manners.

Mihhail Sfafa says:

If grandmother had balls, she would be grandfather

Sean Harte says:

I doubt someone will lock my head up in the first place even being new in

RogueAndroid says:

Great video. I can even see some openings for other moves once in top
position or armbar. After you break his arm, put the heel of the foot that
was over his face up and then 12 to 6 that heel onto their face, just once,
for example 🙂

Luke Molino says:

PAlm to nuts then take his eyes back why too the ground it’s dangerous

jonoderidder says:

I’m sure this has been asked before, but wouldn’t a palm to the nuts be
simpler and easier here? It would certainly avoid deliberately going to the

WhereThereDude says:

just like helio said… but instead of crackheads he said “tough guys” lol

I Might Be Wrong says:

Have you ever even done Japanese Jujitsu? I would guess no, because you
still spell it as Jiu Jitsu (which is the Brazilian spelling), and because
you seem to think it’s good for multiple attackers. The Samurai that used
Jujitsu didn’t develop it for multiple attackers. The Samurai showed
respect in combat by fighting one on one. This worked out well also because
with their helmets they could not see who was at their sides. Jujitsu was
developed for fighting one person at a time.

Wout van Leuveren says:


Wout van Leuveren says:

This is effective, but the longer you grapple on the street more chance of
friends coming to help. So io suggest indeed standing op after

Daniel Gardino says:

01:34 in this position you also can hit him with your knees and take off
your head from his grip

hochengyuan says:

is there any another method to solve headlock. I love to give headlock and
punch. However, I won’t only do headlock and punch. I also use hand which I
use to punch to fix enemy’s head then give a big elbow which turned from
headlock on his neck. I think there is another better method to do headlock

Aaron Prack says:

If the level of threat is such to consider it reasonable force to spike his
head, there is also a suplex available from the headlock position, assuming
you are strong enough to bridge the assailant over your hip and plant his
head and not yours (by falling backward). I’d prefer Stephan’s demonstrated
technique for its controlled response and many options from the top
position though. The suplex may result in a messy scramble if it doesn’t
come off as planned. Just thought I’d mention…

Noblet Street Soccer and More says:

Couldn’t you use his momentum against him to go for a double leg take down
once you are in the headlock position? For me, that’s what I’d expect an
untrained fighter to be least expecting is for you to be aggressive and
take them down in that position. You will still accomplish top position.

leoetine . says:

Here is the perfect scenario: You absolutely know for a fact that the guy
is completely alone. He is also not 50lbs heavier than you, which would
make that headlock defensive roll a very risky move. So, you’re closely
matched. Lastly, you know a little bit about him and you know he sucks on
the ground. Result: you have a great self-defense experience. If the above
are any different, quick thumb/fingers blow to his eyes, hit his throat,
and finish with a kick to the jewels…now run!

jhon deo says:

@corchado21 I disagree. Break their arm. Bjj isn’t all about pain
compliance. If someone isn’t able to beat me with two working arms, there’s
no way they’ll be able to beat me with only one arm. Also once one of his
arms is gone it would be easy to slip in a triangle to choke him

MrGarky says:

@JohnnyBoyCali You’re sitting down underneath his legs, that’s why you sit
down “on your left heel,” as he says. So his “legs” will land on top of
you, while his butt will hit the floor. Even if you mess up the technique
by not getting underneath his legs, and he lands on top of you, you still
have control of his hips, so it’s very, very, easy and takes very little
effort to just pull him over you to complete the move. Try it out, you’ll

IronMongoose1 says:

@dobberdoss The ground has inherent hazards that make it unappealing for
everyone: getting scratched and bruised by cement, or cut by broken glass,
and being in more danger if other people step in or one party pulls a
weapon. (If you’re standing, you can move and perhaps detach. If you’re on
the ground, you’re at higher risk of being stomped or cut.) Only your
opponent should care how he feels about going to the ground. You should be
concerned with YOUR safety.

Steelbound says:

Like if you can see Stephen’s Smart in the background! 😀

ParkourEh says:

Oakridge mall in the background??? 0_o

supercell42 says:

very nice, thanks

Jake Riggs says:

1. Obviously, you don’t want to go to the ground against multiple guys, but
if you are forced to the ground, understanding grappling arts will at least
give you better odds of survival. 2. The main way BJJ became popular was
with the Gracie Challenge, where the Gracies would beat any fighter who
challenged them in an all-out brawl. BJJ worked well in these fights and in
modern MMA. 3. JJJ is also primarily a grappling art, so all of the
complaints you listed would still apply to JJJ.

7UNnySH1T says:

once i got position at 1:56 i would of just punched my way out lol

alex rousos says:

well after i watched this video…..i could beat 5 douchebags in a row

Alex Ramirez says:

this is a good video !! 😀 it’s cool

IronMongoose1 says:


KDawgMcG says:

nice, some good simple stuff.

Buyo HD says:

dude i love your hair, vids are also good

ParkourDane says:

Is there any video that is explaining armbars or any bars?

Vashistha Pradhan says:

| wish there was a double subscribe button

Tequila Wolf says:

Really informational. You do a great job of explaining things and best of
all this information is very practical. Hope you get more exposure, Stephan.

NoPeaceStudio says:

Pause at 0:02. Classic facepalm 😉 Stephan, keep up the good work!

mrmcbuggles says:

Can you flip him over without grabbing his hand or arm first?

mobius88 says:

direct and practical realistic in transition from stand to ground. great

aeroangel74 says:

very interesting . tanks a lot!


This very hard BJJ and the beauty the art of fight However self-defence on
street it can not be to base on ground floor ! Why ? How you would defend
oneself before second aggressor executing hiji katami lying on the ground ?

JahanT says:

I love how he keeps a straight face whilst saying: “you can stand up and
kick em” Cool vid!

Guille Flor says:


JaesinJei says:

Yeah but see it doesn’t matter if your not gonna try to fight someone on
crack, they might try to fight you. I’ve noticed that you should never ever
fight a drugie or a drunk because their mind and bodies are so high, that
their pain receptors are numb, so they have a high pain tolerance. I’ve
noticed this with guys who smoke weed, drink, use speed, or worst of all
esctacy which makes shit feel good instead of painful for them. I run away
and call the cops, because those people are crazy!

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