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BJJ Self Defense Lesson 3: The Street Guard

Stephan Kesting from and introduces the concept of the BJJ guard as applied to street self defense.


cabalofdemons says:

Good basic stuff for street fighting. Still, I would kick him in the knees,
shin and groin to create to distance to get back up. In a street fight, I
want to be where I’m most secure. In the event he has a knife, or there’s a
second attacker I want to get up and flee or move to a more secure
location. Still, this is effective simple stuff. 

Iskandarforpeace says:

In such situation it is better not to lay down, God forbid!

Saif Saad says:

This y aikido is better because as soon as the guy would try and push u it
would of been over

Saif Saad says:

Plus aikido masters can defend them sleeves from all martial arts as a
boxer would be able to dodge a punch but won’t be ready if someone did
something else from a punch

Silas Lauzon says:

Personally I wouldn’t just lay there kicking the guy. I will simultaneously
try to get up 

senjo31 says:

There is enough space in this scenario to do a backwards rollout back onto
your feet with your hands up protecting your face. Fighting on the ground
is never a option that suit is only good for sport. 

Sebastian Valle says:

You rock.

Saif Saad says:

This is a idiot falling over

Saif Saad says:

Actually I have studied aikido and it was helped me a lot in fights

Wisstihrwas says:

like my bjj trainier always screams! Reposition! reposition!

Mounir Dalati says:

@tricipsish, if the attacker grabs your legs, you run for your life… :P

Saif Saad says:

Actually I have studied aikido and it was helped me a lot in fights

Saif Saad says:

Plus aikido masters can defend them sleeves from all martial arts as a
boxer would be able to dodge a punch but won’t be ready if someone did
something else from a punch

頁博亭 says:

1:08 if that car turn left he will use jiu jitsu techniqueto and the car
will tap

Peter Jones says:


Edson Barboza says:

Stephan Kesting’s BJJ videos are the best we can found on youtube

coderinclouds says:

No one who doesn’t train bjj cant do those movements just by watching
youtube 😛

Lucas Felipe says:

o cara de vermelho fez o 100kg errado ,a perna que ele esticou deve ficar
dobrada e a que ele dobrou deve ficar esticada ,foi assim que aprendi

giuseppe augello says:

only God can save you in that case man!!

raptorrochester says:

Absolutely correct. Could this guy pull that rotation off on pavement in a
dynamic situation? No. You would get CUT UP. Plus his friends are coming.
They are going to stomp you. Get off the ground, anyway you can.

ikcjjtt says:

i dont think hes advocating “go to the ground when a person attacks”. I
think hes just saying what do you do IF you end up on the ground. I think
thats a valid question.

tricepsish says:

what if the attacker grabs ur feet and drags you?

Jonobos says:

@chavamma If he has a knife and you don’t, you are dead anyway. If you
don’t understand that, you are NOT combat based.

81KBA says:

so it’s Chinese? ouch

WhiteBeltAcademy says:

Stand up is more effective against a knife? Interesting. I’m not going sit
here and try to convince you that the application of BJJ is appropriate in
most settings, because you clearly have your mind made up, but if you watch
everything about BJJ with this mindset, of course you’ll have close minded
answers. What you did was, manipulate the points in the video, and drew a
conclusion based on those manipulations.

JohnnyBoyCali says:

This is really, really awesome. You always do a great job of explaining
BJJ. The only question I have is why do you make the videos so short?
Youtube allows up to 10 minutes. I would be curious how you would defend
from stomps and kicks to the face while down. I’ve seen a lot of street
fights and never once has someone jumped into someones guard. Usually the
guy on the bottom starts getting stomped and kicked.

Max Loh says:

Funny that you say that, since this is the exact same ground defense that
… wait for it… KRAV MAGA teaches! I wonder why

ChamorruWarrior says:

You guys don’t lay on the ground like that, you should look up Shaolin
ground fighting. It’s the exact same concepts except you lay on your
side/back curled into a ball like shape with your feet tucked into your
body sideways. It’s a lot better than laying flat on your back with your
legs up because the first thing a nonsport fighter is gonna see is that
your balls are pretty much the closest thing and the most open thing on
your body. Unlike MMA, PROTECT YOUR VITALS!

Louis Frost says:

This is garbage! If someone has a knife why would you want to be on the
ground? Shin kicks! So effective. Someone has a gun and you are in half
guard. Idiots. Traditional stand up is way better than this trash. Good
luck doing your stroke fighting on the ground when there is a Real fight.
BJJ is a competition style, not for real life.

RockofCimmeria says:

He can still jump on your chest

ogonga94 says:

I have the same shoes as him! I got them because they were so flexible and
I liked it because I raise my rear foot on the ball of my foot when I’m in
my fighting stance at the gym I go to, and I felt that these would be
awesome if I ever got into a fight because they conform to your feet as you
bend your toes and stuff. Result: Never got into a fight, ever, ever, ever.

Tom Watson says:

Great videos. Your studio is awesome!

treyporfavor says:

This video will not help if you are in a street fight with palhares

assdat says:

cool story bro….

IamGlow1 says:

lol none psychopathic

Multipleadpenny says:

What if there is gravel or broken glass? If there was none, it seems like
it would be painful to move on the back like that. What if you’re in a
hallway with limited space? Would an individual just back up and kick or
stay and kick or try to get up?

OcelotTheGunslinger says:

@WoWkiddymage Damn right! Everyone I know who trains at a respectable BJJ
academy like I do says they’re told the same thing – ‘if you have the
opportunity stand up and base’. The only time you’ll see someone pulling
guard is mostly in competitions nowadays, and that’s also mostly by people
who aren’t good wrestlers. I LOVE BJJ, but in RL if you think sitting on
the ground and WAITING for the guy to pummel you is smart in a fight,
you’re most likely the ‘GET IN MY GUARD’ type. Stand up or sweep.

ninjanonimus says:

it is a good video, but go to the ground and stay there in the street is a
fucking suicide even the other is bigger than you… Try KFM

bj strong says:

jui jitsu is not Brazilian its Japanese the gracies stole it from japan
japan stole it from china

giannio ferrandino says:

great video…. jiu jitsu is the real deal… i love it…. its shame not
to have the opportunity to train where i live….

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